Tamar Gablinger, Dr.Phil.

The Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, HU-Berlin; Lecturer, Teacher and Researcher, also guiding in Berlin, Germany and open for lectures about the city

This page used to host my CV  however, because I am doing all kinds of things (publishing, lecturing, etc.), it has become difficult to update. If you want an up-to-date detailed CV, please contact me (gabliners at gmail).

Otherwise, if you just need some general information - you're in the right place. 



Things I am Interested in


Luckily for me, I am able to do the things that I like to do and call it work or school (OK, not eating chocolates...).

 I am highly interested in religion, society, culture and politics, and the interactions between these fields. I am especially interested in these aspects in Germany and in Israel, as well as the United States. I am interested in the way societies and cultures - and states of course - exclude and include individuals and groups; and the different ways large groups construct collective identities. I hope I haven't used too many "jargon" terms, but if I have, feel free to ask: I teach these subjects and write about them. In any case, I have recently published my book The Religious Melting Point . I wrote in the book specifically about the Transcendental Meditation Movement and about new religious movements in general, and how different societies deal with the challenge of the Other, in even more general terms.

Like many/all of us, I am a consumer of popular culture. However, unlike most, I have managed to become a professional couch potato/Internet surfer. I am responsible for a certain subject, the study of conspiracy theories and belief in the paranormal, at the Popular Culture Association (PCA). I am also interested in social mobilisation through cyberspace, especially religious one. My interest derives of course from nature of these genres (conspiracy theories, belief in the paranormal) in popular culture, as they are political in nature and expose world-views and identity issues. If you're writing a paper for your school and you're interested in the paranormal, please note that while I will be happy to answer any question, what I research is not the paranormal, but how (and why) people believe in it. You may find better information at the James Randi Foundation.

I also love the city I live in, Berlin; and I have managed to become a successful tour guide in and around Berlin and lecturer/researcher about the city and about German society. I usually lecture about certain aspects in the history of Jews in Berlin, about National Socialism or about the Cold War; and these are usually the topics of my tour. I am a professional tour guide, doing Jewish Berlin Tours, tours to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, and similar historical/cultural tours. I usually work with college/school groups in educational tours, but I also do private tours.

Last but not least, I haven't managed to turn it into a job, but I still love my family and grateful for the help they have given me so far. 

What I Taught (and Learned)

I love to teach, first of all because I love the interaction with people. It may sounds like a cliché, but one learns a lot from the students and they have enriched me in so many ways. 

I have taught both at university and at a professional college level (as well as lectured to school classes and groups as mentioned before). 

At the Humboldt University I have taught recently two courses for the Diplom (similar to BA Hons or early stages of MA) level: 

* Frauen, Religion und Gesellschaft (Women, Religion and Society)

* Gender in Israel (no need to translate that...)

Before that, I have taught SPSS, computer literacy and English in different places.

What I wrote

The main reason this page has ceased to hold my CV is this part, which changes. I have started writing reports and analyses for Jane’s Defence Group Sentinel, when I was still writing my MA. I later wrote to books, encyclopaedias and have written some articles to peer-reviewed journals.