Bubba was a 17 hand 2002 registered Thoroughbred Gelding. Almost anyone could ride this horse and enjoy him.  He was light to hand and leg for us more advanced riders, but was a pretty lazy guy so wasn't scary for beginners (other than his size)... I showed Bubba all of 2008 in hunters, jumpers, and also eventing.  I did enjoy this horse as he was just wonderful in new places and just the same horse day in and day out. Bubba was one of the luck horses that got to enjoy the 70 mile trail ride, carring a decker pack saddle, 6 river crossing, and trails that some people wouldn't walk on let along ride a horse on. I miss this one alot.  Bubba is now in Arizona.  He is doing amazing with his new owners and they have been thrilled with all of his ribbons this summer in the show pen.  They say that he is not for sale.
UPDATE - In 2010 Bubba is showing hard with his new owner.  They are placing in every class they enter and even got their first Blue ribbon.  They say that they get compliments from everyone and even a judge that wanted to buy him!  Congradulation to Bubba's new owner, I am so proud!
UPDATE - We get a christmas card every year from Bubba's new owners.  It includes pictures and some updates on Bubba.  They love him so much and his new owner is just doing wonders with him.  Keep up the good work and we LOVE the christmas card.
September 2008 - Event Derby in Kuna Idaho. Video Above.


October 2008 - Day of rest once arriving at our Cabin.


October 2008 - 70 Miles and 6 river crossing to our Cabin


September 2008 - Event Derby in Kuna Idaho.  We love the water!
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