Any country needs entrepreneur youngsters... 


It is very easy to complain about existing things without making any changes...

Whether or not it is part of culture, market may be too instable because of the lack of entrepreneurships.

Nothing starts from nothing. On the other hand, a view of constant progress and planning is not something commonly found in people nowadays. I believe it is something intrinsically related to personal perspectives - exposure and absorption of intellectual contents that is not a matter of choice sometimes, but we will always get to the conclusion that the best action to do is: do your part instead of blaming others and spoiling your time.

Societies should raise progressive people with critical reasoning. On the other hand, there is no way to do that if these people have no perspectives to make their aims real and spread the benefits to others. Many people think that there are no solutions to achieve certain aims, which is not true. There will only appear solutions if there is a constant search to obtain answers. All human beings have tools to change the current state of their lives. Some of them utilize them in a negative way. Others do not use them. Other groups of people use the tools they have to obtain more tools, in order to change their current state and accomplish their aims, decreasing outer interferences that may command their lives.

Best wishes!

Gabriela Galvao.


(posted since 2006)