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Long live VfW.  Yes, it's only getting started.  

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February 28, 2010.

An amazing new VfW has been created by Komisar, available here.

January 22, 2008.

BugMaster VfW Builds live!  The VfW encoder is now maintained by BugMaster here

January 1, 2008.

Synced with revision 714 courtesy of BugMaster.  Virtualdub issues ironed out, reworked GordionKnot compatibility, added SSSE3 support.  Pictures also re-included with the guide. 

September 23, 2007.

More tiny tweaks.  VBV issues addressed.  Guide updated!  Download below as usual.

June 23, 2007.

Almost "silent" update to newer codec version.  The threads bug was also fixed. 

May 10, 2007.

New VfW build(s) courtesy of snow_xmas.  Faster, better, and many more features! Decoder is also updated, faster, less buggy, and supports DirectShow decoding as well. Download below!

March 12,2007.

Slight improvements to the Guide. 

January 22, 2007.

A reworked x264 VfW is up.  Newly united into this release:

  • Integrated VfW decoder! Play and edit all VfW AVC files with no extra decoder software!
  • Translation of my Guide into Chinese.
  • New download system: now 2 versions for download.  
        • Install the "ffdshow" version if you have a newer (at least 2006) version of ffdshow on your system.
        • Otherwise, if you don't have ffdshow, install the standard DTS_x264.exe.