Gabev's HIV/AIDS new treatment approach

It is now evident that even prolonged and aggressive treatment with combinations of antiretrovirals alone will not lead to HIV eradication and a complete cure. Recent studies indicate that the infection will persist for life, even in patients on effective anti-retroviral therapy. Some of the major reasons for that include the inability of the drugs to stop virus replication completely, their high toxicity and the creation of drug resistance leading to fast viral rebound and transient therapeutic effect. Here we show that blocking of the polyphosphoinositide transmembrane signalling system of HIV target cells by lithium in combination with antiretroviral(s), both requiring obligatory encapsulation in
liposomes, overcomes most of the routinely used therapy drawbacks. The extended preclinical and pilot clinical trials evaluating our preparation FTL/AZT/PEBA (Lipohivir), based on the above approach, reveals that it is not toxic and may contribute considerably to successful AIDS therapy and the prevention of HIV-promoted malignant transformation.
Fitting analysis of viral load decay provides further evidence that a whole body HIV eradication might be achieved in a reasonable time. See Selected publications in Navigation (left).

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