Google Earth

Google Earth

You can download various KML files to overlay on Google Earth. You can find KML files like Volcanos.KML in the Google Earth Gallery


A KMZ file done by my friend Jim Gates by his cabin in Pennsylvania
    See Attachments below

Google Lit Trips

Great article about Jerome Burg!
Google Lit Trips: Bringing Travel Tales to Life in Edutopia

An archived ISTE webinar by Jerome Burg about Google Lit Trips

Google Lit Trips vidoes in Vimeo
    See Attachments (below) for the kmz file
    Vimeo video about Seaman
    The book Seaman in Google Books and Amazon

You can see samples from the Google Lit Trips site for the book Seaman and download the KML file from this link.

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Sightseer Newsletter
My Diigo List (top 15) of Google Earth resources

Google Earth Lesson Plan by Chad Kafka (who is an ADE) related to Lewis & Clark
World War II images in Google Earth

Craig Nansen,
Nov 8, 2011, 8:21 AM