Google Apps for Administrators

This site contains information and resources for those of you who will be attending one of the Google Apps for Administrators workshops around the state.

It will help everyone involved in the workshop if you have these items taken care of before you arrive on site.

You must bring a laptop
and have a Google Account 
You don't need to have a gmail account, but it would be helpful for you in the long run. At some point you will retire and/or move and may lose your Sendit and other email addresses. You will always have your gmail account no matter where you end up.

    It would be best if you set up a gmail account first, and then use that when you set up your Google account.
    For example, mine is and I will use this during the workshop instead of or

These are not Google Apps, but I suggest that to improve your productivity

a) You should set up a Dropbox account and install it on your laptop

b) Set up an Evernote account and install it on your laptop

c) Set up an Instapaper account and install it in your browser on your laptop