University of Illinois at Chicago
CS 424 Visualization and Visual Analytics
Project 3: Objects in the Rear View Mirror

Welcome to the homepage of Group 5's project #3 for professor Andy Johnson's Visual Analytics course in the Fall of 2011.

Project 3 involves the Highway Fatality Report Analysis. Our group developed a visualization of Fatality Report in USA territory from January 2001 to December 2010. This interactive visualization will allow users to explore how fatalities correlates with various factors. The user will be able to answer questions like, is there correlation between time of day or number of bars and pubs in a particular state and percentage of fatality, between atmospheric condition/light condition/Vehicle type and percentage of Fatality  and many others.

You can use the side bar on the left to navigate through certain aspects of the project.

Group members: 
Daniel Stack (dstack3@uic.edu)
Sampath Vijayaragavan (svijay4@uic.edu)
Anna Mukhina (mukhina2@uic.edu)