Setup Rocky, ini File, Modern Computers.

At the bottom, editing the ini file. 

 Rocky The setup information here is good.

Version 3.7 is intended to work with internal and on-board soundcards in Vista and Windows 7 but some are finding problems with internal sound.
It will work with USB sound. 
Some have had success using VAC to direct the audio to the internal card.
It seems that Alex, VE3NEA, cannot do anything about this try an older computer or USB sound!

From what some have said if you persevere you WILL eventually find a way to run Rocky with a modern computer and Windows 8.


Rocky:- Select the receive soundcard. I/Q Input for the SDR output. Audio Output for where the speakers are connected. Initially just leave all else. Do not select Transmit.

Crystal controlled SDRs select single band, enter the centre frequency in Hz.
USB controlled Si570s, set as shown.

Start Rocky.

the SDR is correctly connected. Even with no SDR connected Rocky will show a green line on the spectrum showing noise from the soundcard. If you see this then check everything. This page covers most things you may find. 
If the green line is solid with no noise showing then there is a problem. Rocky is not connected to the soundcard. The incorrect one may have been selected or another program might be using it. Perhaps it is incompatible with Rocky, in this case another card may be required. Most cards will work. Any USB device with stereo input may be tried. Try using VAC to route audio to the soundcard.

 Enable Transmit and select the soundcard to feed IQ signals to the SDR. Depending on the SDR a COM port may be required for PTT. Softrocks and other SDRs with USB control use USB to set the SDR to transmit.
  Select BPSK31 mode

Start Rocky, the "TX" button should go green. Clicking this should put the SDR into TX mode and send IQ signals to the SDR. The IQ Amplitude is set on the "Transmit" tab in Setup. Transmit settings are described near the bottom of this page

CW:- Plug in an iambic paddle. Select "VOX" for semi-breakin. See TX drop-down.

Setting Frequency:-
By default there are a limited range of centre frequencies that may be selected in the drop-down box.
Rocky.ini will have to be edited to personalise the frequency selection. The file below contains an example personalised ini file and instructions of how to edit yours.

Alan Reeves,
Mar 11, 2013, 5:09 AM