ExtIO or CFGSR some Undocumented Features.

Just a few extras that are not described fully on Fred's page. http://home.ict.nl/~fredkrom/pe0fko/CFGSR/
Note that HDSDR's ExtIO is CFGSR, just accessed in a different way.

These pictures show different versions of CFGSR, stand-alone and when used by HDSDR or other versions of Winrad.
August 2012 current version 2.6 some pictures may show slight variations.
There is a wealth of information, most of it only relevant for specialist uses. The average user may make few adjustments. Correct operation is confirmed at the "Test" tab.

"General" tab:- Note that "Manufacturer, Product and Serial Number fields are all empty. This is normal.

"USB" tab:- If "Auto Connect" is not ticked then a USB controller will not be connected. HDSDR will say "Unable to Claim Interface" (Also if any other program is using the controller)
This is useful if you have more than one Softrock, you may select the one you want to use with Winrad.
Click on the device required and click "Open"
(It is also possible that other, irrelevant USB devices may appear in the list.)
You will see I have changed the Serial Numbers, just select your one from the drop-down menu. BUT ensure that the "Init" Tab is also set correctly, see below. As far as I know Pebble SDR is the only program that will automatically select a particular serial number, this is limited to number 0 to 9.
After you change the serial you will be asked for the drivers. As you have already installed the driver it is normally sufficient to let Windows do this automatically.

"Init" tab
This shows the utility set for a 2 metre Softrock. Select your version and click "Default init." All is then set for correct operation.
Note that this tab is only for setting up a Softrock. It does not tell you how a Softrock is  configured, look at the LO tab for that.

"Test" tab
This tab confirms correct operation. The green dot at the bottom left and no error message when "Get" is pressed is the only test required. Note that if you disconnect the USB this may remain green. To be certain go to the USB tab, Close and Open the connection.
If you have more than one Si570 controller connected make sure it is selected before going to this tab. Selecting this tab initiates "Auto connect" even if it is not ticked on the "USB" tab.
The Test Tab
If the AVR/Si570 is working properly this will show all the fields filled with data.
"Get" refreshes. Tick "Repeat" for a constant refresh.
If the green dot is at bottom left and these fields are not filled then there is normally an error message. "RX Powered Down?" This means the controller IC is not communicating with the Si570. Usually bad solder joints.
If configured for a RXTX then the PTT button should be active and set a Softrock to transmit.
The state of the CW pins is monitored. To test tick "Repeat", this remains active for 30 seconds. Note CW2 (jack sleeve via Q1 to Si570 pin 7 on the Ensemble) is shared, CFGSR gives an error but this is normal. I'm not sure what the 3V3 "light" really confirms.

"Si570" tab
Configure your own startup frequency.
Enter the Si570 frequency in "Startup" (4 times the required centre frequency, shown on the "Tune" tab.) Click "Save"

"Reset Si570" sets the Si570 to it's startup frequency.  NOTE:- This shows an Error: this must be a "bug" there usually is no error!
Here I have set the Si570 Freq range for an "A" grade Si570. The normal CMOS will not operate at much more than 160MHz as shown in other pictures.

All this does is restart the ATTiny 85. The Si570 is set to the frequency stored in the ATTiny.

"Tune" tab
 The nine buttons are frequency memories.
To save your own enter the required frequency in the box, click "S" then the required memory button. This might be useful if you use a Softrock with software that does not tune, or a Si570 as a stand-alone generator.
"Band" shows the selected frequency range, as on the ABPF tab. "Filter" will usually match unless you have a custom setup.

The "Calibrate" tab is described on my calibration page.
"Ctrl-C" copies the displayed Crystal frequency to the clipboard.

The "About" Tab. 
A message is flashed in morse.
Reset just seems to reset the buttons on that tab if you have changed them.
January 2017, Disable "Update" on this tab. There is an error, no update is available.