AVR HV Programmer

Parallel port HV

This is a variation using components available. They are not critical. I just used what I had. Resistors 12K, 680R, 47R. Transistors, surface mount NPN with resistors, PNP with integral resistors. 78LO5 regulator and some capacitors, used ones from disused boards. Almost anything will do! The board is double sided copper with pads for component mounting cut by scoring with an old junior hacksaw blade. Pads that need to be grounded have a small hole drilled and a wire soldered to the other side that is also grounded. I used a plug/socket from an old VCR to connect to the ZIF socket so it may be used with other projects.


  Note the AVR should not be inserted until avrpp has been started!

Based on this circuit drawn by TF3LJ, again based on another from http://elm-chan.org/works/avrx/report_e.html this one http://elm-chan.org/works/avrx/avrxp8.png uses the integral resistors.

Parallel ports:- Mainly seen on older computers but new motherboards do still have them. You may find it better to build your own 4 core, or go to a specialist computer supplier. PCI and PCI Express cards are avalible with two Com ports and a LPT.

Bob's page about programming the Softrock AVR http://www.pe0fko.nl/g8voi/g8voi_guide_V1.2/