2m Icom IC202 and IC202S Transceivers


The IC202 was the successor to the Liner 2, the ubiquitous 2m SSB rig of the early 1970s. Unlike the Liner 2 the IC202 had what resembled a true VFO covering 200kHz of the band on each range. In reality this was a very well engineered VXO.

The rig allowed for a set of internal batteries so handheld VHF DXing became possible with a commerical rig for the first time. I recall making some excellent QSOs way down into western France with this rig handheld as well as a goodly number of QTH squares on 2m SSB. The rig made an excellent driver for transverters.

The styling was distinctly military with its upright, manpack look. This was convenient for desk mounting, but not ideal to hold in one's hand.

The IC202 was a very clean rig with an excellent receiver and transmitter. To this day it is still a popular rig used to drive linears. The later IC202S had a number of improvements. Also produced were the IC602 (6m) and IC402 (70cms).


 Band144-146MHz (200kHz VXO controlled segment)
 Power 3W pep SSB/CW
 Size 61 x 183 x 162 mm
 StylingQuasi-military, vertical design