Stroke Update

LAST REVIEWED March 28th 2018

Some are interested, so I have created a page:

  • Well, things are much the same: I still feel very tired (no, exhausted) after quite brief physical or mental exertion - normally this is after about 15-20 minutes. 
  • My voice is poor.
  • I am able to drive, but I estimate it is now about 5 times harder. I also drive slower as 50mph seems like 70mph. It is as if my brain takes longer to process things. Also, subtitles seem to change too fast and I find it hard to keep up. 
  • Although most foods are fine, I take an age with drinks, especially tea and coffee. For some reason cold drinks are easier. 
  • Daft things are I find spelling harder, my writing is poor now and I feel tired much of the time. I think I get more anxious too.
  • My sense of smell and taste are "different". Once I had sugar in tea and coffee, but not these days. Some things I cannot taste or smell properly.
  • Outwardly, I look "well". Others do not realise that life is a real struggle most of the time.
  • Overall, I find it hard to see improvements now. In most ways I feel like I did a year ago. I am still hopeful of small improvements. 

Onwards and upwards!