Buying A New Radio

For some time now, I have been considering a new radio.  I was hanging on hoping we might see a real FT817 replacement with a built-in ATU, speech processor and better batteries amongst other things. I was half hoping for an announcement at Dayton, but none was made, sadly. So plan B. Several rigs are being considered. Because of my poor voice, I tend to use FT8 and WSPR mostly.
  • FT991A  - Covers HF, 6m, 2m and 70cm. Internal ATU. Temperature controlled fan.
  • IC7300 - Includes 4m, but not 2m and 70cm. Good internal ATU. SDR based. Probably the best rig in its price range. Fan can be loud and always on when on TX.
  • FT891 - Much less expensive. No 4m, 2m or 70cm. Small. Good reviews.
  • FT450D - Inexpensive, but old. Internal auto-ATU.
  • IC7100 - Recommended by a friend. Can be remoted. Includes 4m, 2m and 70cm.
All Yaesu rigs come with a 3 year warranty and cash back on some models. At the moment the FT991A would probably best meet my needs, although there are reports of phase noise issues. Most of the time the rig would be run at QRP levels. When I buy new gear it usually lasts for years!

UPDATE August 15th 2019:  In the end I bought a Yaesu FT991A.

UPDATE June 27th 2020:  ICOM announced the IC-705 last year, which should be available in the UK later this year. This is a QRP radio covering all HF, 6, 2m and 70cm, all mode, SDR based. At the right price, I might consider it. They did have 4m but this is no longer being offered. There is no internal ATU.