Network Radio

As we are in a period of low solar activity, some will turn to network radios. These are Android phones built like a conventional portable or mobile with a PTT. In the case of portables they also have batteries and an antenna. Like all Android phones they can run apps like Zello and Echolink. They use the internet for the first wireless link, but can connect to distant repeaters. Form factor mirrors conventional VHF/UHF portables and mobiles. Just maybe they will catch on.

Examples include the Inrico T320 handheld which is available from several suppliers.

UPDATE AUG 9TH 2018: Well, I have an Inrico T320 and it is fun. OK, it uses the internet for the first hop 
(either Wi-Fi or 3/4G), but having other Android apps like email is a real bonus. Being able to work through distant repeaters is fun. As a transceiver it "feels" like a 2m or 70cm handheld.

UPDATE SEPT 20th 2019:  My network radio hardly gets used. I am quite surprised, but I find Echolink QSOs strangely unsatisfying. I prefer "real" radio. This surprised me.