MF, LF and VLF

In this section I have included all the projects related to designs for the 2200m and 630m bands. Please use the index on the left hand side to choose the right page or choose from the subpages below.

Much MF and LF activity is discussed on .

Note that the grabber needs attention as it has been off for many years.

My 2011 article on VLF Earth-mode is attached. See also the dedicated VLF pages. has some links of my experiments on LF some years ago.  As this is a very old website, do not trust the links on the side, as these are not supported.

UPDATE March 8th 2021Having recently found my 136kHz beacon and E-field probe that goes on the car roof, I could do some local tests using my earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground on TX.  See also 136kHz E-Field probe.