At the Tokyo Ham Fair in August 2019, ICOM announced a new QRP radio, the IC-705. This is to be a multiband, multimode transceiver with 10W on external power and 5W on batteries. It will cover HF, VHF and UHF including 4m in Europe. 

It is a bit like the IC-703 (which I sold to a friend some years ago), but SDR based with more bands and D-Star. It has a colour touch screen, GPS and Bluetooth. It is "my" kind of radio. 

Sadly it does NOT have an internal ATU. I am not sure if this will be an option. It is due to be available from March 2020. I guess this is in Japan. At the moment I have no idea of the availability in the rest of the world. Price is expected to be sub-$1000.