At the Tokyo Ham Fair in August 2019, ICOM announced a new QRP radio, the IC-705. This is to be a multiband, multimode transceiver with 10W on external power and 5W on batteries. It will cover HF, VHF and UHF . 

It is a bit like the IC-703 (which I sold to a friend some years ago), but SDR based with more bands and D-Star. It has a colour touch screen, GPS and Bluetooth. It is "my" kind of radio. 

Sadly it does NOT have an internal ATU. It was due to be available from April 2020 in Japan. In the UK it sells for £1299.99.  This seems a very high price for an SDR transceiver without 4m now in Europe. Also, not forgetting no ATU either.

There are quite a few of these now in use across the world and, price apart, getting rave reviews. One consideration these days is what happens if the dealer goes bust? Will my warranty still be valid? Most videos here pre-date the widespread availability of this transceiver around the world. To be honest, I cannot keep up!  There are now several YouTube videos on the IC-705. One of the best I have seen was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv4KOmm39bw.

There are a few reviews of the IC-705 appearing on eHam.com. 

MLS has added an unboxing of the IC-705 in Japan. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiyCE4Np2sU. I just wonder if they ran out of time and wanted to get to market before their rivals took market share? If so, a firmware upgrade later might add 4m.

See also https://www.icomjapan/news/2707

ICOM has confirmed the (high) UK price and said it will NOT ship with 4m in the European version sadly. I am not sure if will be possible later with a firmware upgrade.