The FT-991A has been owned for a few weeks at the time of writing (July 2019). Several rigs were considered, but the FT-991A seems to fit my operating best as it includes 2m and 70cm. The IC7300, which is SDR based, is probably the better radio, but does not cover 2m and 70cm, but does include 4m. 

As I have some doubts about the PC drivers, I am still using my SignaLink USB interface for FT8.

At the moment it is usually used on 6m and 2m FT8 as my HF antenna is down. Personally I am perfectly happy with the menu and ergonomics. It has suited me well so far.

Briefly, I tried it on 70cm FT8. Power was limited to 20W in USB-digital despite the decent match. On 2m it was 50W maximum with the same mode. I have not yet tried SSB or FM on 70cm. 

It comes with a 3 year warranty and a Yaesu cashback. See MLS website for more details.

I would have preferred a QRP rig, but there seem few that meet my requirements. The fan only comes on when the rig gets hot. Later next year I might trade-in for an IC-705.

UPDATE 20.8.19:  I had some issues with FT8 on the rig so rang MLS. They were very helpful and Steve there rang me back 3 times. In the end he told me to use USB rather than D-U for FT8. This gives you the full bandwidth on RX. Using the D-U input it was limited to 500Hz maximum. Their service was excellent and I was left with the feeling they genuinely wanted to help. Impressive.

UPDATE 29.8.19: This continues to be my main rig, usually at QRP power levels. 

UPDATE 18.11.19: On all the bands that I have used it for, so far, it seems 2;5W gets me most places I can on FT8 with the extra power rarely necessary. So most times I still use the FT817ND.