The FT-991A has been owned for about a year and a half (Jan 21). Several rigs were considered, but the FT-991A seems to fit my operating best as it includes 2m and 70cm. The IC-7300, which is SDR based, is probably the better radio, but does not cover 2m and 70cm, but does include 4m. In the last year, the IC-705 has become available. If this had been available, this might have suited me better as a QRP radio.

As I have some doubts about the PC drivers, I am still using my SignaLink USB interface for FT8.

At the moment it is usually used on 6m and 2m FT8 as my HF antenna is down. Personally I am perfectly happy with the menu and ergonomics. It has suited me well so far.

Briefly, I tried it on 70cm FT8. Power was limited to 20W in USB-digital despite the decent match. On 2m I use 20W maximum with the same mode. 
It came with a 3 year warranty and a Yaesu cashback. See MLS website for more details.

I would have preferred a QRP rig, but there seem few that meet my requirements. The fan only comes on when the rig gets hot. 

UPDATE 20.8.19:  I had some issues with FT8 on the rig so rang MLS. They were very helpful and Steve there rang me back 3 times. In the end he told me to use USB rather than D-U for FT8. This gives you the full bandwidth on RX. Using the D-U input it was limited to 500Hz maximum. Their service was excellent and I was left with the feeling they genuinely wanted to help. Impressive.

UPDATE 29.8.19:  This continues to be my main rig, usually at QRP power levels. 

UPDATE 18.11.19:  On all the bands that I have used it for, so far, it seems 2;5W gets me most places I can on FT8 with the extra power rarely necessary. So most times I still use the FT817ND.

UPDATE 12.10.20:  Although the FT991A gets used some of the time, I mostly use the FT817ND for my FT8 QSOs.  I was considering trading in the FT991A for an IC-705, but may wait.

UPDATE 4.4.21:  I succumbed! Last week I traded in my FT991A for an IC-705.