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Welcome to my G3XBM QRP website 


Not a great deal of change still.

Many of you know I had a cerebellum brain bleed in Sept 2013 and was in hospital for many months. Amateur radio field experiments and building work are largely on hold.  Main issues are I feel giddy when I walk, my speech is poor and drinking thin liquids is not easy: I have to take small sips. All foods are OK now. All limbs, eyes, ears and intellect are fine. I still feel unwell and not my old self.  I still tire easily and think I have to come to terms with the "me" I now am.

In the first couple of years I still hoped for improvements. Now it looks like what I have is here for the rest of my life. To be honest, I feel less well than a year ago. This may be in my mind, although the effects feel physical. It is not how I want to be.

This is a
new and simpler version of my original website. Content is mainly related to low power (QRP) amateur (ham) radio projects. It is unusual for me to use more than a few watts of radiated power on any amateur radio band. More power can be fun for some, but I find that running low power is much more fun. The website is now organized in a more logical fashion by topic headings on the left hand column. Click on each subject heading on the left to see the sub-menus below.

On most pages clicking on any image will bring up a larger, clearer version.

Please let me have feedback on the website design and content using the email address below.

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My other websites

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Cambridgeshire Choral Society
An amateur choral group in Cambridgeshire that produces major choral works in venues such as Kings College Chapel, Ely cathedral a few times every year. Membership is open to all and newcomers welcome.

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