UK Component Suppliers

On this page I want to recommend UK component suppliers that I have used.  If you know of others that provide a good service at reasonable prices let me know so I can add them.


This UK supplier is magnificent. All orders are dispatched by first class post for a fixed charge of £1.75. They stock a wide range of parts at sensible prices and delivery is FAST. For example, resistors are 1p each in 50 off quantities. I have used them several times and they have been excellent every time. I can highly recommend them. Payment by PayPal is fast and safe.

GQRP Club Sales

The GQRP club is well known by QRP enthusiasts. For its very modest annual subscription you get SPRAT magazine every quarter, the best magazine in the world. In addition and as part of the club's service to its members, the GQRP club runs a club sales service, to provide parts of use to QRP enthusiasts. These include common QRP frequency crystals, transistors and toroids plus a whole lot more. There is a minimum order of £5 and payment by PayPal is preferred. This service is run entirely by volunteers and very good it is too.

This service is only available to members.