Mizuho MX-2 144MHz QRP SSB/CW Transceiver


The MX-2 was a small, handheld SSB transceiver for 2m VHF operation. By modern standards it was a small brick but it worked

very well, apart from its low battery life.

Similar units were made for HF bands (with higher power), on 6m and even 4m. The rig dates from the early 1980s.

The YouTube video is of an Italian station testing the MX-2 transceiver.

Sadly the Mizuho company of Japan no longer exists. In their time they produced a most interesting range of products for both HF and VHF.

I have rarely seen Mizuho products on sale on websites such as eBay. They may well become collectable items.



This brought a new dimension to 2m SSB operating, both out in the field on hilltops and at home on small beams or a halo. Although it only produced 200mW pep this was more than enough to work plenty of locals on SSB and, in lifts and contests some useful DX, much of it when used handheld.

It made an excellent little driver for QRP transverters: I made up a set for 160m, 15m, 10m and 6m and great fun was had. The transverters were out of sight under the desk so the only rig on the desk was the diminutive MX2 which looked all the world like a miniature, miniature HF rig.

Nice having all the controls on the top - convenient for handheld use and neat on a desktop.

Useful external mic facility when used as a mini-base station.

A remarkably good, clean and quiet receiver considering what it was.

In addition to the CW key socket on the back there was a small push button CW key on the top RHS - very useful when QSOs were struggling on SSB to use this to get through!


The latching PTT switch!

Limited tuning range: 50kHz on two VXO ranges around the 2m calling frequency.

Poor battery life if used with the intended internal 9V PP3 battery pack, even worse if using a rechargeable pack instead. This could be overcome by using an external 9.6V NiCad pack.


Typical power output

200mW pep

Power Consumption
160mA TX, 40mA RX,
9V supply

Typical Sensitivity
<0.5uV for 15 dB S/N

2 ranges of 50kHz.

1½"(D) x 2 5/8"(W) x 5 5/8"(H) without knob
39mm (D) x 66mm (W) x 142mm (H)

13 oz. (500g) without battery


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