Belcom Liner-2: 2m SSB Transceiver

The rig that started SSB for the masses on 2m in Europe!

I first got mine second-hand in the mid-1970s and was amazed how far one could work on 10W of SSB, especially as before I'd only used a few watts of FM or AM. Stations that I could never imagine hearing, let alone working, suddenly were within my grasp, even with just a dipole or HB9CV antenna. This was the experience of many in those exciting
early days when SSB in Europe was crowded around 145.41MHz +/- 20kHz or so. The Liner-2 had plenty of faults, not least of which was the crystal mixing "synthesiser" which tended to produce spurii every 40kHz or so. Also, in an attempt to get more power out, people would push the drive up and this usually resulted in bad adjacent channel splatter. Before long the reign of the Liner-2 came to an end when the IC202 and its successors arrived with wider frequency coverage, better receivers and better transmitters. Coupled with small 30W linears and the ubiquitous 9 element Tonna, 2m SSB was at its zenith.

Type:2m VHF transceiver
Frequency range (Europe):144-146 MHz
RF Power output (unmodified):Max 10 W pep
Image rejection:Average
Voltage:13.8 VDC
Current drain:RX: Max 1 A
TX: Max 6 A
Impedance:50 ohms, SO-239
Large mobile sized
Synthesis:VXO banks

Liner-2 QSO

There were other Liners too: the original 2m SSB version used a mixing scheme from 10m. In fact mods were published to allow the Liner-2 to be used on 10m. Later a version appeared for 70cms but this did not command the market share that was held for some time by its 2m cousin.

Occasionally the odd Liner-2 turns up at a rally. If you buy one do make sure the rotary control is sound (mine always sounded like it was about to fall apart) and make sure the drive level is adjusted back to give a clean signal. reviews of the Liner-2
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