Yaesu FT7 10W HF Transceiver

The Yaesu FT-7 was a 10W, adjustable up to about 20W, HF rig that was released in the late 1970s. It was primarily aimed at the mobile market. For its time it was a small transceiver compared with others available but by modern standards it is large.

A few years later a higher power version, the FT-7B was released with extended coverage of 10m which was limited to 500kHz in the original version. This product pre-dated synthesisers and microprocessors. It had what many consider to be a near-perfect receiver with excellent dynamic range and good close-in noise performance: tuning across noisy, bands like 40m which at night were filled with very high power broadcast stations was an eye-opener to me as I had no idea how such a band could sound on a good receiver. The nearest I have found to it is the IC703. This is one rig that I owned, then sold, and then bought back again as I missed it so much. When it was taken out of its packing for the second time and re-installed in the shack my feelings were, "welcome home old friend". It stayed with me for several years after this before eventually being sold to a local ham who still has it. These days all I wanted the FT-7 to do, and more, is possible with the FT-817 which has been a favorite for several years now.   In the time I had the FT-7 all continents were worked on SSB including stations Antarctica and New Zealand. Most of my activity was, as it is now, on 10m.

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