Morse Keys for sale

Over the years I have collected Morse keys - sadly some of them must go...... 

The following Morse keys are offered for sale.

Most of them have been stored on a top shelf and bear honest dust.  I have not cleaned any of them because of the differing views on cleaning amongst collectors.

U.S.A. Sales:  I expect to be at the Dayton Hamvention in May and, within weight constraits could bring keys for US buyers.  For price use current exchange rate

I use

See "Selling" page for methods of payment and postage costs



US Navy Flameproof Key

Widely used during WW2. Thought to be copied from the German Luftwaffe key. Serial number CMI-26003A

£40 --- SOLD

CW Sounder

A nice condition small Sounder.  Ideal for someone who a lacks a sounder in their collection

 £30 --- SOLD




 KOB - Key-Sounder Combination

Portable telegraph set used by telegraphists to be carried from job to job

£50 ---- SOLD



 British Air Ministry Training Set

Used for training cadets. Key mounted on wooden board with a buzzer and battery clamps




Stillwell Key on Marble Base

Good straight key hand-made by "Derek Stillwell, Instrument Maker, Shewsbury" Very few were made so a rare item.  A nice, very usable key.

£60 --- SOLD


KK Paddle Key

An usual paddle key in which the operator depresses rectangular paddles for the keyer action.  Brass with leaf springs.  Sold in the US but not seen any for a long time.

..... some say they are easy to use......

£40 --- SOLD


Brass Straight Key

Not sure about this one. Looks commercial with heavy duty contacts - a well made key.  It could be amateur made but I doubt it - UPDATE - identified as a British GPO [Post Office] Key

£30 ---- SOLD

Brass Key [2]

This one certainly looks homemade but a nice key and very usable.



Simple Key

I though this was homemade but I have been told it is commercial.  Whatever - it is a simple basic straight key.

Not beautiful ... but usable


RAF Type 51 Key

Made by Walter Electrical Manufacturing Co. Knurled top knob to adjust gap. Serial 10F/20366. I used this key as my main straight key in my station for some years - a nice key to use.

£40 --- SOLD

Stenographic Machines Inc. Keyer KY468/GRA-71 (wind-up power) with matching MX-4495 Coder and two MA-9 Recording tapes

 Not sure where I got this from....Used for Burst CW by the British SAS and the CIA.  Good working condition.


British Navy Key

ADMY PATT No 7681.  Nice heavy duty key. A good heavy, very usable, classic key with front and back contacts.

Tom Perera lists these at $450!

£80 -SOLD


KMK Larkspur Morse Key
Made in South Africa. Designed for Larkspur Radio Equipment with standard Larkspur audio connectors.

£45 ---- SOLD

Hi-Mound HK-708

The popular non-enclosed version of this Japanese key

A good usable straight key


Lionel J-36 semi-automatic bug key

During WW2, the Lionel Electric Train Company made copies of the #6 Lightning Bug for the U.S. Army Signal Corps. Lionel's bugs were designated the J-36 - the designation the Signal Corps gave any bug. The Lionel nameplate was made out of a celluloid-type plastic, and the vast majority of Lionel J-36 bugs lack the nameplate – as in this example.


Logan/Johnson Speedex bug key

The Les Logan Co. of San Francisco marketed Speedex keys at the close of the 1920s.  The T-shaped bridge was for carrying purposes and for turning the key on it’s side as a straight key.


The "Speed-Bug" semi-automatic

Manufactured by the Brooklyn Metal Stamping Corp. of New York.  I bought this many years ago from an former merchant naval operator (now silent key) who claimed to have bought it in New York.

£50 ---- SOLD


 I already have a few keys in the USA and will have them on the G QRP Club Booth.

These include.......

British Air Ministry Key  -SOLD                            Nato Key -SOLD