The Google Gadget Gateway to Pubmed (g3p)

Web 2.0 and Open Source for Biomedical Researchers

Jared Flatow 

The Google Gadget Gateway to PubMed (g3p) is a new open source project that is bringing a "Web 2.0" approach to searching and keeping up to date with PubMed. In this talk we will discuss the offerings of the g3p and what exactly makes it Web 2.0. We will examine how the g3p is built and how the community can contribute to its development. We will also look at some of the general benefits of Web 2.0 and open source, and how embracing these concepts can have a positive impact on the field of biomedical research. We will look at examples of where these concepts can specifically be applied, and some of the exciting technologies that are available to be harnessed.