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G.S. Wyllie

G.S. Wyllie (10/10/1948-01/25/2014) was a fuzz genius and sonic experimenter.  Wyllie's pedals reflected his singular vision, influenced by a high regard for the tones and playing of Jimi Hendrix.  Many G.S. Wyllie pedals share a uniquely organic tonality.

G.S. Wyllie regular production pedals

Fuzzmite-based fuzz-wah.  Later versions had three knobs.
"A unique, powerful fuzz that does chords as well as singing solo work."  Bad-ass!
A few different sounding 3-knob circuits in different gemstone-hued domes.
Aggressive, cutting fuzz with two knobs and a three-position intensity toggle.
Moonrock (1993-2014)
My favorite fuzz -- killer searing soaring lead tones, raunchy rock rhythms, slight breakup, gated oddball swells.  Not the most intense fuzz, but the most organic and touch-sensitive.
NewMoon (2006-2014)
Same circuit board as the Moonrock but three more knobs: Drive, Swell, and Tone.
This overdrive pedal can be a polite diode clipper, but also a powerful clean-to-dirty boost that slams your amp until it cries out in pain.  This one really does make your tubes scream.
"Dynamic alien octaver . . . Can produce a distorted overdrive sound with no octaving, no fuzz."
Rising Sun
Elaborated Shin Ei Super-Fuzz circuit -- huge, universe-ripping fuzz and ring-modulatory octave madness.
RUX Fuzzstone
An evolution of the Fuzzstone with two knobs and a toggle switch.
An aggressive yet touch-sensitive "mutated Tone Bender" fuzz.

G.S. Wyllie custom, low-production, and one-off pedals

Bend Ola (c.2005?)
Killer Tone Bender derivative fuzz.  Knobs: Level, Tone, Bend.
Birthday Fuzz
Primitive 1960s-sounding fuzz with four knobs in a white PVC pipe-fitting dome.
Clone Ranger
A Wyllie-built one-knob Rangemaster clone?
Custom Fuzz
". . . a modded Shin-ei 6 transistor fuzz-wah minus the wah."
Dusty (1999)
Dusty is a great sounding two-knob mellow touch-sensitive fuzz.
Early version Fuzzmite-based fuzz-wah with one knob on the side.
Fuzz Face derivatives
I've seen pictures of two G.S. Wyllie-built Fuzz Face derivatives.
Killer Bee!! (2002)
An insanely cool limited-run germanium fuzz.
"The Lunatuner is by far the weirdest pedal I've ever made."  Check it out, with clips.
Mystery Mixer
Said to have been derived from the Colorsound Overdriver.
The "O"
"Way over the top fuzz, smooth and deep."
Someone described the Om as "Hendrix in a box."  It's discontinued.
Thunder Machine
"Thunder Machine is a mildly dirty boost for bass . . ."
Ungahwah Tremolo
Wyllie's web site mentions an Ungahwah Tremolo.
Ungahwah wah-wah
Wyllie's web site mentions an Ungahwah wah-wah.
Wylo Delux
"You can get metal sounds from the Wylo as well as sweet overdrive."
A big-sounding two-knob fuzz said to have an "envelope filter mode".
X-O (2002)
Bad-ass sledgehammer fuzz to scooped, octavey, ring-modulatory madness.
Xylo (c.2002)
A user review called the Xylo a "two-knob proto Wylo Deluxe."
"You are soo Square Baby!"
A powerful, toneful clean boost in a small bronze plug-in unit.
I've seen a picture of a Z-Wah.

G.S. Wyllie sold his pedals through Tonefrenzy.com.  Tonefrenzy has some sound clips too.

The Independent Weekly in North Carolina has a profile of G.S. Wyllie.  According to Internet forum mythology, Wyllie lived in a mountain cabin at the end of a long dirt road in North Carolina.  Some builders cultivate the image of a tone-seeking monk, because of the long hours tweaking circuits at the workbench, but one gets the sense most of them are in the garage or basement of a suburban house.  Wyllie was closer to the tone-hermit ideal.  It doesn't hurt from my perspective that he didn't invest his time in yet another Tube Screamer variant, but in fuzz pedals with real-deal organic balls.

Effectsdatabase.com has an interview with G.S. Wyllie.

I've compiled a brief bio and some quotes.

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