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A recent form of folk and commercial art is online audio and video demonstrations of guitar gear on sites like YouTube.  This page exists to highlight some particularly cool gear demos.

Here is GregV playing a Top Hat Super Fat Club Deluxe in 2010:

Sam Smith playing a Smith Custom Amps CS-10 in 2007:

Rondo's RecPro Audio Tweed Deluxe Speed Shop "5E3-PTP" demo from 2013.

MrVintageVibe from São Paulo, Brazil made a sweet demo of his Sligo tweed Pro build and P90-loaded goldtop Les Paul in 2011, ranging from jazzy cleans through bluesy raunch to classic rock wail.

David Torn plays a Fryette Aether combo in 2014.  That looks like a Ronin guitar with gold-foil pickups, and in the middle segment I think I hear a PTD Mini-Bone fuzz.