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Welcome to my webpages, hopefully you will something of interest,I have included personal projects & information about amateur radio activities in Grimsby.         Grimsby WebSDR            Cleethorpes WebSDR


We currently have 2 local SDR receivers operated by Chris, G1HZN in Grimsby and Lee, G4TNX in Cleethorpes, both receivers are located in IO93XN square but at different locations.

The Grimsby SDR is located at a remote site were we also run live streaming video for GB3GG and the wspr receiver uploading reports to under the call sign G1HZN/A.

The Grimsby SDR currently covers 11m CB band, 10m Amateur Band, 6m amateur band, 4m Amateur Band and 2m.

The Cleethorpes SDR currently covers 2m Amateur Band, 70cm Amateur Band and 23cm Amateur band.

WSPR  Weak Signal Propagation Reporter
Interested in WSPR,we have set up a receive station that covers 160m - 6m.The receiver is a Yaesu FT817 and the antenna is the ZS6BKW multi-band dipole mounted 12 meters above ground in north / south direction.
WSJT-X by Joe Talor K1JT is used running in windows,the software is setup to band hop in the daytime on 6m,10m,12m,15m,17m,20m,30m & 40m night time is set to band hop on 30m,40m,60m,80m & 160m.

Grimsby amateur TV Group


GB3GG was located on  Thesiger House one of six tower blocks in Grimsby's East Marsh area located close to the fish docks and Freeman Street IO93XN .The tower blocks are due to be demolished in 2018.The atv repeater was removed a few years ago along with GB3GY which is a analog 70cms voice repeater.

The decision was made to re-instate the live video stream to the BATC website until a suitable location could be found for a new repeater site,GB3GG is non operational but we are looking at the possibility to re-instate the repeater in the near future.


 A new site has been found at Caistor Top close to Grimsby were GB3CT will be sited,the plan is to have  tv receive capability at  Grimsby and relay this along with the live video stream to Caistor.

To view the live stream you will need flash player it should run on a windows pc if you are useing android or apple device download puffin web browser. 




About G1HZN, 

I passed the RAE way back in 1984 at the age of 15,my first contact was on 2m ssb with G1EHC & G4YYE,my equipment consisted of a Yaesu FTdx401 valve hf transceiver driving a micro wave modules transverter into an 8 element Jaybeam yagi antenna.

How things change,

HF radio : Yaesu FTdx3000

HF antenna : ZS6BKW multiband dipole

VHF/UHF radio : Yaesu FT847    

VHF antenna : 9 element LFA yagi                       




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