Hardee: Folletos digitales para visitantes a países y ciudades hispanohablantes

posted Oct 9, 2014, 10:46 AM by Jenni George
Print Resources:  We've pulled individual books about each of the countries on your list.  Also, you might want to check out Culturegrams.  We've put all books on top of the book shelves in the 900s.
Electronic Resources: 
  • Our Global Issues in Context database is a goldmine of information for this topic.  Once you open the database, click on "Browse Issues and Topics."  Then, click on "Browse Regions" and then a continent that contains your country.  This should then bring you to a listing of countries within that continent. (You'll need to scroll down).  You'll want to check out the information in the "Overview" section, as well as the "Country Profile."  Section.
  • Also try our World Book Online. Username fzs.  Password:  bulldogs
  • CIA Factbook is a great resource for country information.  Use the drop-down menu to select your country.
  • BBC Country Profiles is another good source of information.
Travel Sites: