Process-based Rubric for Student Assessment of Homework


1. The solution must contain at least 1 appropriate qualitative representation

(for example, a sketch, a motion diagram, a free-body diagram, a work-energy bar chart, a graph, etc., NOT an equation).

2. The solution must contain an identification in words of the physical concept being applied (for example, conservation of momentum,

kinematics, Newton’s law of gravitation, etc.).

3. The solution must contain a general algebraic form (i.e., with no numbers inserted from the problem information) of each basic equation being applied.

4. The solution must include at least one effort to check the reasonableness of the answer (for example, checking units, checking the order of magnitude of the answer, checking for consistency within related equations, or comparing to known quantities).

5. The solution must be neat (as in handwriting) and easy to follow (as in organized).



0 - None present

1 - 1 or more present of dubious quality

2 - 1 or more present of high quality



0 - None present

1 - Does not include physical concept (“find x”)

2 - Includes known physical concept


General equation

0 - No equation present without numbers

1 - General equation present


Checking of answer

0 - No check present

1 - Check present, but not appropriate

2 - Check present and appropriate


Neat/easy to follow

-2 - Horribly messy

-1 - Can be followed with some effort

0 - Easy to follow




On most assignments, students will turn in one problem on paper at the beginning of class. The submission must include a “grading block” (described below) at the top right of the first page. Any assignment without the grading block will receive no credit. The problem will be graded out of 4 points, according to the rubric you have been given, focusing on process.


Grading Block

This must appear at the top right of the first page of all assignments. It will aid the grader in providing useful feedback to you about the problem solving processes you are employing.



Rep ____________



ID _____________



Eq _____________



Check __________






Total ___________



Correct _________