CT-499 (Software Based Projects)
SE-499 (Software Engineering Projects)

BS CSIT BESE Programmes 
Department of Computer Science and IT 
NED University of Engineering & Technology

All FYP projects have been approved except the following:
        • IOT Based Road traffic surveillance and accident detection system
        • Lab Locate
All disapproved projects members are required to report to Mr. Noor Afshan Vasty in Project Lab at 9:30 am on Friday 23-11-2018. 

All approved projects teams are advised to immediately report to their supervisors and start working on their projects.  

Projects Funding Agencies:  

Recent announcements

  • Presentation Upload Dear FYP Students, As discussed yesterday, you may optionally upload your presentation with your filename: project titleprior to your evaluation time at the following link Click here to Upload your FYP Presentations  If for some reasons it doesn't work then just bring your presentation on USB memory. 
    Posted 6 Sep 2018, 20:17 by Muhammad Mubashir Khan
  • FYP Final Marks Breakup FYP Report (C)Ontime Prepared (C)Presentation (I)Completeness (C)Quality (C)Individual Contribution (I)20515202040
    Posted 6 Sep 2018, 07:48 by Muhammad Mubashir Khan
  • FYP Exam Guidance Session Dear Students, BE SE / BS CSIT (Final Year)A guidance session has been organised for all Final Year Students regarding FYP Final Exam criteria. You all are required to attend this session and bring queries (if any). The marking scheme, presentation/demo, etc. will be explained to you. All those students who have registered for Huawei ICT Competition will also be guided in the same session and +5 marks will added in the FYP marks only for those students who be present in the session. It mandatory for all students to attend this session. Date: 6th Sept 2018 Time: 9:45 am Venue: Civil AV Hall    
    Posted 5 Sep 2018, 00:02 by Muhammad Mubashir Khan
  • +5 Bonus: Registered students in Huawei ICT Competition List of registered students in Huawei ICT Competition who will be awarded +5 Bonus Marks. NameEducation qualificationEmailOrganization Namejaved bushraBachelor(3rd Year)bushra.javed@hotmail.comNED UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGYArshad Waleed Arshad WaleedBachelor(4th Year)wale3d.arshad@gmail.comNED University of Engineering and Technologyazam erum azam erumBachelor(3rd Year)erumazam3397@gmail.comNED University of Engineering and Technologyafshan amberBachelor(4th Year)amberafshan2050@gmail.comNED University Of Engineering and TechnologyAzraf AliBachelor(3rd Year)aliazraf7@gmail.comNED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi, PakistanMinallah Haady Minallah HaadyBachelor(4th Year)hminallah@gmail.comNED University of Engineering and TechnologyNaqvi QuamberBachelor(2nd Year)quamber ...
    Posted 4 Sep 2018, 01:43 by Muhammad Mubashir Khan
  • FYP Report Plagiarism check for final reports: Minimum acceptable plagiarism is 15% excluding formatting, bibliography and template textMust submit hardcopy with spiral (soft binding) by 31st August 2018. Only those students having exam on 1st September 2018 may submit their report on Saturday.)10 marks are allocated for Report. For late submission there will be -2Create your account on turnitin.com by providing the following Class ID / Keys. This will allow you to check plagiarism and generate its report that must be attached as part of the final report.    18758407Class ID987654321Enrollment key
    Posted 30 Aug 2018, 00:13 by Muhammad Mubashir Khan
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