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Registration & Tuition

New Students

Because of the large number of returning students, there may be limited space available for new students. Prospective students for adult classes should contact Harumi at at least a month prior to registration to express their interest.  Also, they are welcome and encouraged to observe a class session (appointment needed - for appointment, please contact Harumi at above email address).

Returning Students

To remain enrolled in the next semester, half of the tuition must be paid in advance.

Payments are due to your teacher before the end of the current semester (cash or checks) or must be mailed to the address listed below along with your application form, no later August 26 (stamped).  DO NOT SEND YOUR CHECK TO THE FWJS SOCIETY BUILDING.  Please include your CLEARLY printed email address for a payment confirmation. Checks or money orders only (payable to Fort Worth Japanese Society), no cash/credit.

After August 27, we will start placing new students on our waiting list. 

If you are not a member of Fort Worth Japanese Society and would like to become a member, it is not too late. Please write a separate check for your membership dues. See FWJS website for fees and form. All checks payable to Fort Worth Japanese Society.

Fort Worth Japanese Society
c/o A. Sonnemann
P.O. Box 777
Aledo, Texas 76008

Tuition (updated August 2016)

  FWJS Member Non-Member
1-Year Program
(#180 x 2)
($200 x 2)

Refund Rates:
  • At least one week prior to the first day* of the semester: 100%
  • Within a week before the first day* of the semester: 80%
  • Before the end of the third day of the semester: 50%
  • After the third day of the semester: None
*The first day of Fall Semester is for registration and placement tests only.

Other students in the same family: 20% off (Members only)

Fort Worth Japanese Society Membership

Family Membership (family and non-college student): $40.00 / year
Single Membership (18 years and up): $30.00 / year
Associate Membership (college student-18 years and up): $20.00 / year

  • Membership is 50% off after June.
  • Please pay on registration day. Non-refundable after 3 lessons
  • To join Fort Worth Japanese Society, please fill out Membership Application (available on this page) and bring it to us with fees.  Separate check is required for membership dues.  Click here for more information on FWJS membership.