Holistic Nursing Services

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Holistic Nursing Services

Colon Hydrotherapy

Getting a colonic

Taking a Sauna

Giving yourself an enema


When NOT to use hydrotherapy

    Any time there is trauma to the colon, any sort of colon hydrotherapy could be dangerous or even life-threatening. Therefore it should never be undertaken during recuperation from surgery on the colon, nor after a stab wound to the abdomen that may have injured some part of the colon.

    It is never safe to have any sort of colon hydrotherapy, an enema or a colonic, if there is bleeding anywhere in the colon, because the dirty water could possibly leak into the abdomen where it would almost certainly cause an infection. Because this danger is grave, I will never provide a colonic for a person who tells me, as my patients sometimes do, that they “saw a little blood on their toilet paper when they wiped, but are certain the source is a superficial bleeding hemorrhoid.”

    Instead, I insist that they wait until their hemorrhoid is no longer bleeding. To speed this process, I also offer Hemorrhoid therapy. Then I ask them to collect 3 fecal specimens which I test for occult (hidden) blood. Only if these tests are negative will I offer them colonics or recommend enemas. Any physician will offer this test if you report rectal bleeding. It should also be done routinely about once a year if you have a personal or family history of colon polyps or other colon disease.