Holistic Nursing Services

Freddie WindRiver, Licensed Nurse                                                     Shutesbury, MA  (413) 259-1416 

Holistic Nursing Services

Colon Hydrotherapy

Getting a colonic

Taking a Sauna

Giving yourself an enema


Wellness Retreats

    I live in a community that offers wellness retreats and I serve as the coordinator for people who do retreats here. You may stay at Sirius Community for a length of time you choose if they have guest space available when you can schedule your Retreat. 

    After you have arranged your dates of stay with the Sirius office (413) 259-1251, contact me to make arrangements for your choice of activities  and to make appointments with your preferred local health care professionals and therapists during your individually designed Retreat. 

    Discuss with me whether your handicap, diet, or allergy needs can be accommodated, and if you need skilled nursing services such as injections or wound care. If you need a personal care attendant, you must bring and register that person with you. Either the Sirius office or I can give you information about transportation.

    You will begin your Retreat by registering as a guest of Sirius Community and having a pre-scheduled interview with me during which I will orient you to the various indoor and outdoor spaces available to you, environmental projects you may want to see, group meditations you can join, health information you can access, and materials for the creative activities in which you expressed interest. 

    “Let our sacred spaces and wellness activities help you focus on the reflection of the Divine within you, inspiring you, guiding you, and healing you, body, mind, and spirit.”