Holistic Nursing Services

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Holistic Nursing Services

Colon Hydrotherapy

Getting a colonic

Taking a Sauna

Giving yourself an enema


Types of equipment 

    Different Colonic Irrigation therapists may offer different kinds of Colonic equipment. Water may be supplied to the client from a water bottle placed a few feet higher than the patient (Gravity Feed method), or through a machine attached to a plumbing system. I have such a machine, called Toxygen, manufactured by DeTolo, a company in Florida.

    Gravity Feed equipment may require boiling or, prefereably, autoclaving the speculum that fits inside each patient.  Far better is the use of disposable equipment, which is my preference. I use pre-sterilized, individually sealed packages of disposable equipment that includes a speculum that is inserted into your rectum, and intake and output tubes that lie on the table with you, to prevent any possibility of cross-infection. If you are concerned about your “ecological footprint” as I am (your contribution to landfill), you may ask to keep your own equipment and return it to me each time you have a Colonic.

    My Toxygen machine has two valves - an intake valve for letting the water in and a drain for letting the waste out of your colon and through a lighted tube in the machine for thoroughly viewing its contents.  There is a water temperature gauge and a gauge for measuring the water pressure in your colon. Both of these gauges allow me to make sure the procedure is safe for you at all times.