Holistic Nursing Services

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Holistic Nursing Services

Colon Hydrotherapy

Getting a colonic

Taking a Sauna

Giving yourself an enema


Preparing for a Colonic

Schedule your appointment at least 3 - 4 hours after a meal. A colonic stimulates circulation in the general area of the colon, withdrawing circulation from the digestive process higher in the GI tract which will likely interfere with quality of the digestion process. This is the same principal as not jogging or swimming soon after eating, activities which divert circulation to muscles.

Wear clothing that can be removed from the waist down, along with socks and a shirt/sweater that can remain on your upper body. During cold weather, wear warm clothing. I provide a drape for privacy, and have a heater, warm blanket, and leg warmers available in my therapy room.

Your colonic will be more effective if you eat a cleansing diet of raw produce (fruit and vegetables), with no sweets, starches, or processed food for a few days before your appointment.

It’s also helpful to give yourself an enema 4 days before, and another one the day before (not the day of) your appointment. Enemas moisten your colon and its contents so that more of the hardened waste will be washed away with your colonic. You can also extend the benefits of your colonic by giving yourself an enema 2 and 4 days after your colonic. Enemas and colonics are very complementary.

If you do not have the equipment, knowledge, and skill to give yourself enemas before your colonic, but would like to take advantage of this option, ask me to teach you.

The very best preparation is to fast for a week, giving yourself enemas each day except the day of your colonic. These dietary modifications, combined with the enemas, maximize the benefits of a colonic.

Many of my clients feel tense or anxious about having a colonic the first time. I offer Infrared Saunas as part of my practice and recommend having a sauna immediately before the colonic. Because the sauna helps clients relax, it also increases the effectiveness of the colonic in eliminating waste. Tension is the greatest impediment to an effective colonic.