Holistic Nursing Services

Freddie WindRiver, Licensed Nurse                                                     Shutesbury, MA  (413) 259-1416 

Holistic Nursing Services

Colon Hydrotherapy

Getting a colonic

Taking a Sauna

Giving yourself an enema


Medical Research

    I utilize the web a great deal to access the most up-to-date information, both from alternative medicine, much of which is now being researched, and from medical literature itself, depending on the nature of your concern. I also consult my extensive library and files. If you ask a question I must research in depth, I may ask you to pay me $20 - $40 per hour for my research time, depending on where you fit on my sliding scale. I will negotiate this with you at the time I agree to answer your question. It will be wise to share all your questions with me and let me tell you whether I will need to charge you in order to look for information; often I do not if I can obtain the information expeditiously.