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How Many Colonics Does it Take?

As with many things in life, there is no easy answer to this question!

There is no way I can predict how many colonics a client will need by looking at them or by conversing with them on the phone or by email. Even a guess, once I know their history, will still not be very accurate because each person's efficiency assimilating food and eliminating waste is both unique and invisible.

Combining what I see when a client’s waste is eliminated through the lighted colonic tube with their information about their elimination experience before and after their colonic, will provide clues that help me understand what the condition of their colon may be and whether they are in need of further cleansing. I tell clients what changes to expect, and what information to report back to me, after their colonic. Even then, precisely how many colonics are required is still only a guess. I can be more certain about whether a client needs “more”, or whether they are pretty well cleaned out, after watching how their body responds during a colonic. I look forward to the day when there is a more accurate answer for this very important question.

Most colonic irrigation therapists recommend a set number of colonics for every client no matter what their history or circumstances: typically between 10 and 25. However, I prefer to decide each time I offer a colonic whether another one is needed, or more, and how soon. Certainly there is no set number that is ideal for every person, different as we are in our natures and our habits.

All of that being said, the following are loose guidelines.

Clients who are in good health will often do an initial series of colonics to clean out the build-up of waste that has accumulated over the years. Once or twice a week is a good spacing during this initial cleanse, which typically requires 10 to 25 visits. Spacing colonics further apart is less effective unless you supplement them with your own enema therapy. Following an initial series, I recommend one colonic twice a year, fall and spring, to maintain optimal colon health.

Everyone defecates inadequately now and then. If more than 3 days go by without defecation, and an enema has not been administered, cleansing will only be thorough with a series of enemas or with a colonic. If more than a week goes by without defecation, a series of colonics is the only truly effective hydrotherapy.

Clients who are undertaking a fast or other detoxification therapies have different needs. When solid food is not eaten, enemas should be used to ensure daily elimination. Colonics should be administered at least 3 times a week if enemas are not given. This is because the natural process for stimulating defecation is the movement of food into and/or out of the stomach, which in turn sets up a rhythmic movement of the entire digestive tract called peristalsis. Fasting eliminates this natural stimulus to defecate. Waste is not as plentiful without solid food, but the smaller quantity of waste is more toxic because a larger percentage of the waste is the byproducts of metabolism and dead cells.

A series of colonics should also be done after an extensive fast (more than 10 days) to prevent a toxic reaction that can follow a fast.

Clients who are having health problems will have other needs, specific to their illnesses.