Holistic Nursing Services

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Holistic Nursing Services

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Holistic Health Consultations

    My goal is to assist each of my clients in becoming as healthy as they are willing and able to achieve, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Some clients speak to me on the phone about their health, and some discuss these issues through email correspondence. We may decide that your need for information requires more depth immediately, and is more urgent than an appointment for detoxification therapies. When I sense this to be the case, I will suggest that you see me for a focused Holistic Health Consultation in person. Occasionally I will suggest that we continue our dialogue by telephone or email, or that we combine a Consultation with Detoxification therapy.

    Usually while I give a Colonic, there is ample time to discuss health issues face to face. Often when we discuss a health topic during one appointment I will do some research and provide additional information at the next appointment. However, sometimes it is useful to schedule an appointment specifically to discuss your health issues in more depth and with greater focus. 

    Such discussions are a give and take; my clients learn from me, and I from them. I encourage each person to use their intuitions and dreams, and take responsibility for their own health program. I check for available research (see link), and pass useful information along to others. I file information I have gleaned from many sources, and xerox it for my clients when it seems appropriate. My office is stocked with books on alternative healing; my clients are welcome to read them in my waiting area or in my sauna area; some may be checked out if the client has another appointment with me.

    I am the only Colonic Irrigation Therapist I know of who is also a nurse. You will see from the following information about detoxification that the person you talk about this with needs to have an expert knowledge of the body. Some of the toxins we absorb from air, water, food, and chemicals all around us can be washed out with Colon Hydrotherapy; others require Sauna and/or Chelation Therapy to be removed from the body. I offer Infrared Sauna (link), and referrals for Oral and Intravenous Chelation and other detoxifying therapies, a Urine Test for systemic toxins, and for Live (blood) Cell Analysis. Recent research indicates that all babies in the industrial world develop in the uterus of their mother bathed in a very toxic chemical soup. Most people live and die with great quantities of chemicals in their systems which may cause illness and which could be greatly reduced with detoxifying therapies.