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Holistic Nursing Services

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Enema Introduction

     I believe in self-care, and for cleansing the colon, that suggests an enema. I believe anyone who is comfortable with the process can learn the procedure. There is a great advantage in having this simple skill available to you whenever your colon is in need of immediate cleansing. I offer to teach enema technique as part of a colonic session, or during a separate appointment, to all my clients who are interested in learning. For those who are already experienced, I offer my written instructions describing in detail the most effective enema techniques I have discovered over the years.

     I describe the process of giving yourself an enema, demonstrate positions, sell inexpensive equipment, demonstrate hanging an enema bag properly, and provide written directions. Then I suggest that my client try the procedure and return to me with clarifying questions. For some people, this is all that is needed to learn this procedure. Others may need to give themselves an enema in my therapy room with my further instruction or assistance with the parts of the procedure that are most difficult.

    Enemas have been used for thousands of years, both self-administered, and sometimes given by a family member, nurse or other healer, partner, or friend. It requires some thought and effort to obtain the equipment, find or construct a devise for hanging the enema bag, prepare an enema, and give it to yourself or another person. Giving oneself an enema is awkward for most people at first, but is a skill that can be learned and is eventually easy and satisfying, increasing regularity, reducing (but not eliminating) the need for colonic irrigation, and reducing the likelihood of developing a number of diseases of the colon.

    Enemas can be used for any reason Colon Hydrotherapy is effective, but are particularly efficient in case of indigestion or food poisoning, the first sign of an infection, or when fasting or traveling.