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Holistic Nursing Services

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Diseases and Conditions that Benefit from Hydrotherapy 

    1. Constipation: The medical profession formally defines constipation as defacation less often than once every three days. My experience, and that of many holistically-oriented physicians, is that this frequency is not close to adequate for anyone, and especially not adequate for those who are ill or fasting. I define constipation as a bowel movement less often than once a day. (Some people define it as less often than twice a day.)

When we are constipated, we retain drier and more firm waste long enough to produce our own endogenous (internal) toxins. This makes sense if you consider what will happen to well-masticated food that sits in a 100 degree abdomen for many hours; the same thing, of course, that would happen outside the body! In addition, the firmer, drier texture of constipated waste is less likely to be completely eliminated.

If constipation develops, the very best solution is to wash out the hardened waste immediately with an enema within a day or two. This will prevent the growth of disease-producing bacteria and parasites, and the presence of toxic chemicals in the body that weaken the immune system and lead to acute illness, or to degenerative illnesses later in life. This will be most accessible to you if you learn to administer your own enemas; therefore I offer instruction to all my clients. I also recommend that you carry portable enema equipment with you whenever you travel, a time when constipation or diarrhea are more likely to occur.

Many individuals can prevent constipation with a diet of fruits and vegetables with plenty of water, little starch, and no sweets or fried foods, along with regular exercise. However, some individuals are constipated no matter how they eat and exercise. For some, constipation may be corrected by adding a fiber product to their diet daily: oat bran, psyllium husks, and ground flax seeds are good choices, and there are many others.

    2. Addictions: Substances will be more addictive when traces of them remain in our systems to remind us of the pleasant or potent experiences we associate with their ingestion. Most of us have experienced eating something sweet, or salty, and wanting more and more. When working on recovery from an addiction, it is surprisingly helpful to wash out the remnants of that substance with a series of colonics. Years ago this treatment was better known and much more widely used than it is today; but it is still just as effective.

    3. Candida: This is an overgrowth of yeast or fungus in the colon, or elsewhere in the body, which is most likely to happen when the normal “flora” of the intestines, the approximately 500 species of microscopic bacteria that should live there, have been killed by antibiotics or an immune-destructive disease like AIDS. The solution is in three steps: 1) wash away some of the candida with colon hydrotherapy, and then 2) ingest “probiotics”, the healthy bacteria that should inhabit your gut. Both these steps will be needed repeatedly to prevent candida growing back while 3) eating a diet that contains no sugar, fruit, or starches that feed the candida. Focus instead on vegetables and protein for awhile.

    4. Colitis: This disease means, literally, “irritation of the colon”. It is more chronic than diarrhea, the cause is more complex, and it may require a referral to a gastroenterologist if your physician is not successful in managing it. Colon hydrotherapy, both enemas and colonics, can be useful adjuncts to medical treatment.

    5. Colic: This is a name for indigestion, caused in infants by an immature digestive system. An occasional enema with a small bulb syringe is a good supplement for treatments recommended by a pediatrician.

    6. Colon Cancer in ones family history: Anyone with this family history can greatly reduce their chance of developing this cancer themselves by careful preventative colon hydrotherapy. Constipation should always be promptly corrected with hydrotherapy, either enemas within a day or 2, or, if enemas were delayed, with colonics. A series of colonics every year is also important preventative therapy

    7. Dehydration: Retention enemas (link or explanation) can hydrate the body when intravenous fluids cannot be given, for instance when veins have shut down, when skin is burned, or when intravenous equipment is not available, for instance in the wilderness or on a boat.

    8. Diarrhea: Toxins develop in the colon of a person with persistent diarrhea. Hydrotherapy may help, but if it persists for more than 2 days, other problems such as infections should be explored with a physician. When experiencing diarrhea, always drink extra fluids and avoid raw vegetables and all fruit except bananas and juices. Adding cooked starches may help.

    9. Diverticulosis: This disease is characterized by abnormal pockets (called diverticula) along the colon wall. The pockets are created by the increased pressure from trying to eliminate constipated waste. Diverticulitis occurs when the colon becomes irritated by waste that is trapped in the pockets. Colonic irrigation can wash waste and irritating chemicals out of these pockets by gently stretching the colon whereas normal defecation leaves the waste behind. This reduces the possibilities of stagnation and the development of an infection. Enemas are not forceful enough to remedy this condition.

    10. Fasting: When solid food is not eaten, enemas should be used to ensure daily elimination. Colonic irrigation should be administered at least 3 times a week if enemas cannot be given. This is because the natural process for stimulating defecation is the movement of food into and/or out of the stomach, which in turn sets up a rhythmic movement of the entire digestive tract called peristalsis. Fasting eliminates this natural stimulus to defecate. Waste is not as plentiful without solid food, but the smaller quantity of waste is more toxic because a larger percentage of the waste is the byproducts of metabolism and dead cells. A series of colonics should also be done after an extensive fast (more than 10 days) to prevent a toxic reaction that can follow a fast.

    I offer advice on fasting as part of my practice. See more information on this service.

    Ingesting only water and tea is a more rigorous fast than is the use of juices for nourishment. Some people also use the word “fast” to refer to a simplified diet, such as the Cleansing Diet I recommend as preparation for a Colonic; but I do not use the term this way. I have assisted many people with the process of using a fast preventatively to keep themselves healthy. It is also a very powerful healing tool. This is because a significant amount of energy is needed to digest food. When energy is not needed for digestion, more of it is available for healing. Some of my clients use their own chosen type of fast; others ask for my recommendations.

    11. Infections: More waste products are produced during an infection than when we are healthy. Some are produced by the disease-causing organisms, some from tissue destroyed by these organisms, some from the organisms themselves, which our immune systems destroy, and some from the byproducts of this process, like mucous. Even more waste products are produced when we take antibiotics. It greatly assists the body to fight infection if we keep the playing field clear of this waste! Therefore an enema or colonic should be done at the first sign of such a threat, along with supplements that strengthen the immune system; in this way a full-blown infection may be avoided. It enemas or colonics are done regularly, and supplements ingested daily during the entire course of an infection, its severity and length may be greatly reduced. When an infection is over, a few colonic irrigation treatments will wash away the waste products that remain.

    If antibiotics are used, or substances that kill parasites, oral probiotics plus FOS (fructo-oligo-sacarrides) should be taken orally to replace healthy gut flora both during and for a few weeks after the infection.

I offer my clients discounts on supplements, such as these. See more information on this service. (See link to VI 2. Discounts on Supplements)

    12. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): This is irritation of the colon that results in alternating diarrhea and constipation. In some cases the irritation may be caused by substances that can be washed away. In other cases, food or other ingested substances, like medications or supplements, cause the irritation; and it may require experimentation to discover the offending substance, which of course should be avoided if at all possible. Stress contributes to IBS, or may be the primary cause of it. Whenever IBS involves constipation, colon hydrotherapy is an important part of the therapy.

    13. Lack of Exercise: All animal bodies seem to be made to move! This includes our own. When we move very little during illness, following injury or surgery, or because of depression or laziness, most body functions slow down to our detriment! As a result, waste that would otherwise be eliminated, stagnates. Daily enemas during the entire time little exercise is undertaken can prevent constipation and other problems. If enemas are delayed, colonic irrigation is the therapy of choice.

    14. Liver Toxicity: The liver is one of the primary detoxifying organs of the body and it releases its own toxins through the colon. The liver may continue to function even when it is greatly stressed and its capacity very limited. There are a number of programs that cleanse and strengthen the liver, including coffee enemas, and drinking apple juice for several days followed by oil with citrus juice. All of them should include colon hydrotherapy to assure complete elimination of the liver’s toxic load, which is included in bile that gives feces its brown color. If feces is light tan, yellow, or white, a doctor’s assistance is required in addition to obtaining colon hydrotherapy.

    I offer programs for detoxifying the liver as well as other organs. See more information about this service.

    15. Tumors and Cancer:  Many tumors respond well to Infrared Sauna (link/explanation), which should be accompanied by colon hydrotherapy. There are many options for treating cancer. Infrared sauna, coffee retention enemas, and colonic irrigation therapy should accompany these strategies to assist the body in every way possible to eliminate diseased, dead, and dying cells. Some people feel they have eliminated cancer from their bodies, including pancreatic cancer, with these therapies alone. In addition, retention enemas (link/explanation) can be life-saving if one is dehydrated, and nourishment can be provided by way of a retention enema if the digestive system stops working.

    I offer Infrared Saunas as part of my practice. See more information about this service.

    16. Weight Loss: Some people lose weight when they have a colonic. A person who is dehydrated might gain weight. However, these are temporary changes. When a person is undergoing generalized weight loss by choice or from disease, waste products enter our systems that make us tired or even ill. This negative effect of weight loss can be remedied with a series of enemas every few days during the entire time weight is being lost. If there is a delay of as much as a month before enemas are first undertaken, or if as much as a week of enemas is skipped, colonic irrigation will be needed.
    17. Chronic & Degenerative Diseases: Many of these illnesses, often categorized as the diseases of aging, produce waste products. Examples include arthritis, diabetes, some cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias, and many forms of cancer. Colon hydrotherapy was much more widely used in the prevention and treatment of these illnesses before the discovery of antibiotics, when it fell into disuse in hospitals and disrepute among physicians (link). It will not likely produce a magical cure, but I believe it will slow the onset of such diseases and reduce their potency. Of course diet, exercise, and stress reduction play equally important roles in all these illnesses.