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Holistic Nursing Services

Colon Hydrotherapy

Getting a colonic

Taking a Sauna

Giving yourself an enema



     I help clients evaluate the many ways their body can “reduce its toxic load” and learn strategies to improve its performance.

    Both Colon Hydrotherapy (enemas and/or colonics) and Sauna therapy, help the body eliminate toxins. Rarely are they offered in combination, as they are at Holistic Nursing Services. You may choose to do one or the other, or you may combine them in either order. 

    For a person experienced with these therapies, I recommend doing a Colonic first, along with occasional self-administered enemas, because waste in the gut is more directly eliminated, and sweating is the most complex way to eliminate the remaining toxins, or those that may have been absorbed during the Colonic.

    However, taking a Sauna first is soothing for those who have never experienced a colonic and for those for whom it creates tension. A Colonic is infinitely more effective if relaxation can be achieved. Your intuitions may tell you which order is more appropriate for you; or try it both ways and experience the results.

    Using a combination of these detoxification therapies is particularly helpful for those who have an ongoing struggle with digestive problems, dermatitis, or obesity.

    In addition, the following organs are good avenues for detoxification. I offer extensive advice and counseling for detoxifying each of these organs.

    1. Skin: Your skin has the largest surface area of any detoxifying organ, but has the most difficulty eliminating toxins. Therapies that help are sauna and skin brushing, which I can teach you to use. 

    2. Lungs: The lungs have the next-largest detoxifying surface area, and is the very easiest and most available organ of detoxification. Carbon dioxide is a toxin we exhale. The air we inhale contains micro-organisms, chemicals, dust, small solid particles, liquid aerosols, and gases. Deep breathing contributes greatly to their elimination. I will teach you breathing exercises that are easier to access than any other detoxification strategy.

    3. Liver: The Liver cleanses the blood; about 1500 milliliters of blood flows through it each minute, bio-transforming more than 300 toxic chemicals many of us have been taken into our bodies. Some of these chemicals injure the tissues of the liver as it works as our first line of defense. If it becomes overloaded, it can be permanently damaged. It excretes wastes into bile, stores bile in the gall bladder, and empties it into the colon. Two therapies that really help the liver cleanse are coffee retention enemas (see link), and an apple cider fast best done each fall when apples can be obtained fresh and organic. Apples contain malic acid that softens gall stones so they can be released without tearing the bile ducts. Begin this fast with at least 3 days when you ingest only organic apple juice or cider. Then drink _ cup olive oil blended with _ cup citrus juice, and utilize enemas and/or colonics to assist the exit of bile and small gall stones through the colon.

    4. Kidneys: The Kidneys filter the blood of cellular waste, metabolic waste (mostly from protein metabolism), some drugs, and some toxins. They also regulate pH, calcium metabolism, electrolyte balance, and fluid balance in the blood and the lymph. They stimulate red blood cell production, help regulate blood pressure, and play a role in vitamin D metabolism. They are detoxified by drinking water, and even more by cranberry juice which should be sweetened with apple or grape juice, not sugar.

    Liquids should be ingested a few sips at a time every few minutes (15 to 30). More liquid than this at one time is wasted, because this is as much as can be carried in the bloodstream at one time without raising our blood pressure, and the excess will be removed by the kidneys, stored in the bladder, and eliminated in urine. One should not drink for 2 hours after a meal in order not to dilute digestive juices. Drinking a little at a time and often requires carrying the liquid with you as you go about your daily tasks, a difficult but worthwhile habit to acquire.