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Holistic Nursing Services

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Constipation Therapy

    Both enemas and colonic irrigation are helpful for constipation, and one  complements the other.  A colonic is more effective after a series of enemas, and an enema is more effective after a colonic.  The most important thing is to get the waste out of your body, however you are able to accomplish that!

    If you decide to give yourself an enema when you have been severely constipated, insert the delivery tube about 6 inches the first time you instill water, empty the water and waste on the toilet, and then put the tube up further.  You might try 3 or 4 fills & emptys the first time, and the next day try putting the tube up even further, about a yard, to empty deeper portions of your colon; and do several of those higher fills.  And schedule a series of colonics as soon as possible.  You may prefer to begin with a colonic.

    However, in addition getting things started, and staying "clean" with enemas and colonics, you need to experiment with how you can prevent future constipation.  For most people, the quickest way is to use dried fruit (prunes and prune juice are the most popular), magnesium, and fiber.  For awhile, eat no sweets, only whole grain or natural (vegie) starches, and lots of raw vegetables.  Go very easy on fried and processed food.  The only problem will be if you take too much dried fruit, magnesium, and/or fiber, you will have diarrhea.  That's a good cleaning!  Then you can cut back a little on the quantity.  Each person is different, so personal experimentation is the only solution.    

    I have helped many clients manage and heal from long standing problems with constipation. Please contact me for more information about creating an effective personalized treatment program.