Holistic Nursing Services

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Holistic Nursing Services

Colon Hydrotherapy

Getting a colonic

Taking a Sauna

Giving yourself an enema


Combining Sauna and Colonics

    Both these therapies help the body eliminate toxins.  Rarely are they offered in combination, as they are at Holistic Nursing Services.  You may choose to do only one or the other, or you may combine them in either order.  I recommend doing the colonic first because waste in the gut is more directly eliminated, and sweating is the most complex way to eliminate remaining toxins, or those absorbed during the colonic.  However, a sauna first is soothing for those who have never experienced a colonic and for those for whom it creates tension.  A colonic is infinitely more effective if relaxation can be achieved.  Your intuitions may tell you which order is more appropriate for you; or try it both ways and experience the results.