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Holistic Nursing Services

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About Freddie WindRiver

        My Philosophy: I believe in Integrative Health Care that coordinates holistic and alternative healing with the best of conventional medicine. I am committed to the integration of body, mind, and spirit, and to teaching self-help skills and preventative medicine. When offering advice about wellness management, I search a number of credible medical and alternative internet sites to explore what has most recently been learned from research and experience. I believe wellness is influenced by one's spiritual practice, nature, diet, exercise, and social network, and that successful healing requires taking charge of ones own health.

       My Professional Experience: I have held many clinical nursing positions in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and Visiting Nurse agencies my entire adult life. In addition, I have had a private practice offering holistic nursing, health education, and colonic irrigation therapy since 1978 in Philadelphia and several towns in Western Massachusetts.

     I was a Research Assistant at the University of MA, School of Nursing while I was in graduate school, a workshop instructor for the American Holistic Nurses Association Educational Task Force, a Continuing Education instructor for Greenfield Community College, a nursing supervisor for home health aides in Greenfield, the founding director of a community health organization in Philadelphia, and a school nurse and health education instructor in Tokyo. I was Valedictorian of my high school class and was awarded a Regent’s Scholarship and National Honors’ Society membership; I was given a Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing award when I received by Master’s Degree. I had two articles published in professional journals in the 1990's, Gerontological Nursing: Current Research and Practice and the
Journal of Gerontological Nursing.

      My Education:

        1955 - 1957    Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, Nebraska
                                Pre-med and Liberal Arts

        1957 - 1960    Chicago Wesley Memorial Hospital School of Nursing
                                Nursing Education:    RN

        1989 - 1995    University of Massachusetts at Amherst
                                Graduate School of Nursing,
                                Gerontological Nursing:    MSN     

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