Let’s play with living forams!

July 15th (Sun) – 21st (Sat), 2012 at Sesoko and Yokosuka, Japan

Aims of this workshop

  Foraminifer is a single-celled organism that can respond sensitively for environmental changes and quickly evolve through a time.  Thus, foraminifer is important research target both for evolutionary biology and environmental proxies.  In these decades, many studies have carried out with use of living foraminifera.  Both laboratory culture and in situ experimental works in the field are carrying out at different laboratories of the world.  Many sophisticate experimental systems are developing at different institutions.  Foraminiferal cultures are now current tools for solving many biological/geological topics.  However, biological background, in particular to natural histories, of foraminifer have not understood well.  It is also true that culture techniques are still different from each other.  These facts prevent to progress culture approach in foraminiferal study.  We should share and exchange our knowledge among peoples who are working with living foraminifera.

  We, group of Japanese foraminiferologists, propose to have a field workshop of living foraminifera.  Workshop plans to be held in Japan where various marine environments are distributed along the Japanese Islands.  We ask foraminiferologists who are working with living foraminifera meet at one place and collect, maintain, observe foraminifera and discuss about scientific topics in terms of living foraminifera.  Sharing basic experiences among scientists are very important to keep our sciences in high level.  Both technology and experience transfer from experienced scientists to young scientists is also quite effective to progress biology of foraminifera in the near future.   More...

3rd Circular (Word file)

Registration Form (Word file)


Schedule (PDF) (updated 2012/7/2)

Detailed schedule (PDF) 

15.Jul Meet at specific hotel in Naha City, Okinawa (Registration and Ice Breaker)

16.Jul Transfer from Naha to Sesoko Marine Biological Station, attached to the University of Ryukyus.

17.Jul Stay at SMBS

18.Jul Stay at SMBS

19.Jul Transfer from Sesoko to Naha.  Break up at Naha airport at 13:00. Take an airplane from Naha to Haneda Airport.  Transfer from Haneda Airport to Yokohama area with Keikyu Line (private train service).

20.Jul Gather at Oppama Station (Keikyu Line) at 9:30. Visit JAMSTEC headquarter area. Take dinner on your own.

21.Jul In the morning we shall go to Enoshima Island.  In the afternoon, we will visit New Enoshima Aquarium.  Workshop closing ceremony will be held at the restaurant facing to the Sagami Bay in the evening (adjourned after closing ceremony).

Please make arrangement for all of your flight tickets (to Naha on 15th, from Naha to Haneda on 19th afternoon, and a return ticket). You can also ask Academia Tours for flight tickets.

Sampling Information

We will collect larger foraminifera at Sesoko Beach during low tide (no diving during field workshop by safety reason). We also plan to sample planktonic forams from boat. Please prepare your sampling equipment (hat, beach shoes, sea sick pills, sun screen etc). 

Organizer will prepare basic consumables and sampling gears (sieves, sample bottles, plankton net, etc.). You can bring your own special items for your own purpose, too.

Please prepare for the strong sunlight and high temperature in Okinawa. The highest temperature in daytime is about 34°C.

Okinawa tourist information (English)
Sesoko Beach (English)
Sesoko Beach (Japanese)
Sesoko Station website (English)

Meeting Fees Payment 

Meeting Fees can be paid via Paypal or by cash during this workshop.

Scientists : 35,000JPY

Students: 15,000JPY

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