"Where the ink meets the paper."

Welcome to the Fiction Writers of Central Arkansas homepage (FWCA).  Don't let the title of our organization mislead you.  FWCA is comprised of poets, journalists, columnists, script and nonfiction writers.  We are bonded together through the magic of words and the expression of ideas.

A writer's life can be somewhat lonely and lacking in encouragement at times.  Not many professions or hobbies require a person to crawl up inside their head, for hours on end, and rummage around old thoughts, feelings, experiences and possibilities, just to drag out the one perfect sentence to express a point.  How many professions can say that staring at a blinking computer cursor is considered work? 

FWCA is a group of writers supporting each other, from the hobbyist to the published novelist.  We have workshops to build writing skills, guest speakers covering all aspects of writing, and critique sessions to present our works.

No matter what stage you are in, we have a place for you to grow.  This is the writer's journey.

Guests are always welcome and encouraged.

Note! FWCA will meet on the third Saturday of June 2014 instead of the fourth Saturday. Schedule will return to normal next month.

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