A Guide for all FWA Clans

Hindi FWA Guide Translation (Work in progress)

What is FWA?

The Farm War Alliance is a group of over 750+ (and climbing higher every day) clans whose primary goal is to match against each other in arranged wars. Our focus is to be able to harvest the free loot generated by the Clash system, easy stars and generous clan XP. Provided your clan’s weight, composition and start is done correctly, 96% of the time your clan will be matched with another FWA clan.

FWA (Farm War Alliance) consists of clans that range in weight from 2.8M to 5.5M

How do I recognise another FWA Clan?

All FWA clans MUST have their locations set to Lesotho and ‘💎’ included in their descriptions. The 💎 emoji is the official emoji of the Farm War Alliance. Also, to confirm your opponent is a valid FWA clan: - You can check the official Proud Clans of FWA list at http://www.farmwaralliance.org/FWAProud - You can check the clan's association in Chocolate Clash by searching its clan tag at http://kuilin.net/cc_n - You can check the Members list of the FWA Leaders Band All FWA clans must also have their War Log set to public.

⚠️BEWARE of the AFW/FCH!!! ⚠️

‼️AFW ~ Anti Farm Wars‼️

!!FCH ~ Farm War Hunters!!

We are FWA, not AFW/FCH.

They lie and cheat and they are despicable

Responsibilities in FWA clans

As a Clan Member, what are my responsibilities?

All clan members should set up and maintain a FWA Approved war base, attack properly in all wars, and NOT donate to war Clan Castles. You should also monitor your CC for any random troops, and delete immediately if found. If Battle Day begins and troops are still present in the war clan castle please inform your clan representative(s) in order to pass on the message to the opposing clan. Failure to follow FWA rules can result in you being kicked out of your clan (or if your clan leadership refuses to do so, the clan itself will be kicked), and possibly blacklisted across all the 780+ Farm War Alliance farming clans.

As a Leader of a FWA Clan, what are my responsibilities?

The clan leader should appoint up to 3 more clan representatives who are active and able to enforce FWA rules within their clan for its members. Clan leader responsibilities include;

  • Checking to make sure everybody has an FWA approved farm base set as their active war base. Please Note; Any clan found to have multiple offending bases in a war will face sanctions set by the FWA Administration. Please refer to the Sanction section below.
  • Making sure that clan members do not overstar. (80 stars in a 40 player war, 100 for 50 man war if losing lotto/as agreed by both side if they are allowed to get extra)
  • If you are a Rep- Communicating with your opponent clan regarding war matches via Band, confirming whether your clan wins or loses based on the Share the Win system (see below) and if there are any base issues seen when you visit their clan or your own clans bases that you know have faults! This communication is highly important! Please make this communication an active part of each war.
  • Making sure your clan members know whether your clan wins or loses on each match.
  • Nominate a person with access to a translator or have basic english skills who will be able to assist with communications in english if is not the main language of the leadership team or clan members.

As a Clan Representative, what are my responsibilities?

Being clan representative means you represent your clan to the Farm War Alliance as part of your clans team of 4 reps. This means that any violations, misconduct, or inactivity that you exhibit will cause consequences that would be applied to your clan as a whole.

One person may be a representative for up to two clans on Band, but each representative must have at least one Clash account as a co-leader/leader in each clan they represent. Each clan may have up to a maximum of four representatives not including admin and a minimum of two representatives at all times.

As a representative:

  • You will need to download the app Band. This application is used for communicating with the FWA Clan Leaders and Administration.
  • You are responsible for contacting your opponent regarding your war match to confirm which clan is to win or lose, inform them if you would like to visit to review their bases and pass on any concerns and issues with those bases. You are also responsible for checking and informing your own clan members of any bases that they want you to correct. Clans are responsible for reporting opponent base offenses to the opponent before 12 hours of preparation day have elapsed, and to the admins at the start of battle day if the offenses are not fixed. This communication is highly important! Please make this communication an active part of each war.
  • You are also responsible for telling your clan if they win or lose.
  • Checking to see if the other clan is blacklisted or has sanctions in effect using the lists provided to you in FWA Sync Band at the start of each scheduled search.

Once you have been a member of FWA Leader Band for at least 3 months you can apply to be a member of the OFH Team. For more information contact a member of the Admin or OFH teams.

♦️Help Us Keep Our Sync Times Safe♦️

❌Any and all changes to your FWA clan rep leadership team should be reported right away in the ADD/REMOVE reps room!  This includes name changes‼️

❌If a rep LEAVES your clan, or NO longer wishes to be a clan representative, please let us know so we can update our records.

❌Stay out of it for 3 or more days then you are forfeiting your membership of the Sync Band!! 👎

❌Stretch that to 4 days out of clan and you could be looking at removal from both bands! 👟

⚠️Make sure you inform us ⚠️

The Band App:

The band app is where most of our operations are based off and the main communication platform within FWA. Available on ios and android and via

http://band.us/#!/ it's a free to download and use app. It can also be accessed on the internet through any PC.

FWA uses different chats in the FWA Leaders Band for the different departments. To access these please use the !addme auto bot option to join these chats when you need them.

There are chats for

General Chat - All chat relating to FWA issues for all members.

Chit Chat - A social chat room to meet others from our Alliance and swap experiences and have a laugh and joke. (We do not discuss religion or politics)

War Conflicts - The team that will help solve any clan to clan issues and work with both clans to resolve base issues. They also track any clans with sanctions until they are completed.

Add/Remove Reps - If you wish to add or remove any reps then this team need to know, please post a screenshot of their profile and await to be told the link.

Help Desk - The Help Desk is for anyone to join and ask any FWA related question, staffed by Admins and OFHs (Official FWA Helpers) they come from all departments across FWA

New Clan Recruitment - This room serves as a place for individuals to suggest possible new clans that our recruitment team can then further reach out to about the benefits FWA offers.

Sync Band is by invite only and you must inform Admin of any reps you wish to add or remove from there.

Sync Time Fillers(Located In Sync Band) -The place to find your last minutes accounts to sync your desired clan war size. Help each other out! Work Smarter, not harder!

Searching(Located in Sync Band) - Use Matchbot to Open a Chat with Your War Opponent, more details below in Did I match Section.

Commands you can use to add yourself into the rooms in searching/chitchat.


!addme [room]

!sendto @person [room]











There are also a list of commands in chitchat that can help you in different aspects. This guide includes what most of the commands would tell you.


















Repping in bands:

FWA Leaders and FWA Sync:

You are allowed 4 reps per clan. Dual Reps count as rep as for both clans.

Name Format:

Leader, not leader ,LEADER or lead. Just Leader.

Co-Leader, not co-leader, colead, coleader, co-Leader,Co-leader, CO-LEADER or Co. Just Co-Leader.

Please also note TH7s and below are not allowed to be a rep.

Please also note that you will have to have been in a clan for a week before becoming a rep.

Please also note leaders do NOT need to be a rep.

CCNS Reports:

You are allowed 2 reps per clan. No Dual Repping. Pick a clan.

Name Format:

Flagged and Banned Players

A Useful link:


This link 👆👆👆 provides amazing details about players, and will help keep unwanted guests out of your clan.  

Help our alliance, and your clan by checking players wanting to enter.

🚩Players flagged for bad behavior are not banned, but accept at your own risk🚩

🚨🚨🚨Banned and Sync stalking players are not allowed in FWA🚨🚨🚨


Reporting Troublesome Players:

CCNS Reports: http://band.us/@ccnsr

This band will be for ACTIVE FWA Clan Representatives ONLY. This will be where YOU may report a troublesome player directly within that band and it will submit the information directly to the Chocolate Clash tracking system.

💢Reminder,  your clan should have no more than 2 reps per clan in ccnsr.

🚫If your clan exceeds that 2 reps per clan maximum,  you will be asked to remove reps or we will select reps to remove for you 😘


Do you have a flagged player in your clan?

Have they shown good behavior for the past 2+ months?

We now have a new band where a group of admin from OL and FWA will hear your appeals case.

Have your player join us in the new Appeals band!

http://band.us/@appeals or http://tiny.cc/appeals

when they join, be sure to answer all questions upon requesting to join and be prepared to have free time available to answer the admins questions.



‼️AFW ~ Anti Farm Wars‼️

!!FCH ~ Farm War Hunters!!

They lie and cheat and they are despicable

⛔️If you get invitation for AFW/FCH OR any sync stalking bands...


⭕This can be a threat for your clan and all FWA clans

⚠️You risk getting removed from FWA if you do accept⚠️


War Syncs:

🚫 If your clan keeps a banned player in your clan for over 6 hour your clan will be removed from sync band until the player is removed!

❌No excuses❌ Teach your clan leaders to use the tools we provide you‼️

⚠️If it’s close to sync time and the banned player has only been in clan for a short time we will remove your clan from sync band!⚠️


You ARE N🚫T allowed to talk about or tell the Sync time to anyone outside of the Sync Band.
That means N🚫 TELLING ANYONE!...

👉N🚫T in Clan Chat!🤐
👉N🚫T in your own Clan Band!🤐
👉N🚫T in any chat app (Discord,Reddit, etc...)
👉N🚫 where unless it's the FWA©️ Sync Band

⚠️This also means N🚫 sharing your Band account⚠️

  1. Find the sync time

REMEMBER- You are NOT ALLOWED to talk about the Sync Times with anyone outside of the Sync Band. If you are caught sharing the times with non reps or members of other clans the penalties will be severe!

2. Can you make the sync?

  • Communicate with your other reps.

  • If you need a war starter, press decline. Read about war starters more below.

What stops clans in the Alliance from just taking the win all the time?

The Alliance has a few punishments it can impose on clans to combat that. They can: kick you out of the sync (permanently or for a to be determined numbers of wars) impose sanctions such as being a blacklisted clan (every FWA clan you match will switch to regular war bases and actually attack you) or make you lose a few wars. The Alliance takes dispute requests very seriously and considers each offense independently and fairly.

War Starters:

🙌War Support🙌

🛡If you and your FWA reps can't start your own ⚔️ you can ask for a starter.🛡

🔍How does this work?🔎

✳️ Press decline at the sync time post.

✳️ You will be added to the ⚔️ Assistance room

✳️ When a starter is available they will create a room.

✳️ These members are staff. So you can trust them. Staff members are marked in this room with a + in front of their names.

✳️ When they join your clan, you make them Co-Leader. This is needed to start your war. 🤝

✳️ This is the only place they will ask for Co-Leader.

✳️ They will start your ⚔️ and you can go to 🛌💤, or go to 👨‍🔧👨‍🏫 whatever you had planned.

🚫 You are only allowed to ask for a starter 4 times within each 12 syncs 🚫

✍️Clans will be assisted in the order in which they request. ✍️

⌛Please be considerate and accept or decline the event ASAP. ⌛

⌚Requests in the last 3 hours before sync time will be declined.⌚

🙅‍♂️War Support is not an alternative to proper clan representation.🙅‍♀️

⚠️Clans are permitted to request assistance a maximum of 4 times every 30 days.⚠️

***For clans who sync 50v50, there will not be a penalty applied if the Official FWA War Starter base is within the war line up regardless of townhall level.**

To check if the starter if official or not, you may use kuilin.net/cc_n. All official starters should have been tagged with "STAFF" on their profile.


However, please note that if you have an NON-official war starter and they caused havoc, we will not be listening to complaints about it as YOU gave co-leader to someone who is unknown to the admins.(More details at https://band.us/band/57375315/post/461)


🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️WE WILL NOT:
• Remove your clan from Sync
• Extend Reversal Tickets
• Negotiate CWL matches for you
• Open a CWL Conflicts case
• Help you with CWL weights/matching
• Accept/approve CWL flags

• Answer the "Will You CWL?" poll
• Sanctions WILL be put on hold and you MUST serve them upon return.
• Keep War Logs/Records set to PUBLIC.
COMMUNICATE with the Entry team in your leaders chat in advance! If your clan is going to fluctuate in numbers while doing FWA Wars you need to say so ASAP! If you do not, you may be removed from Sync when your clan drops under 35 members, and will be sent back to Pre-Entry if it drops under 25 members.
-Clan reps MUST NOT leave their respective FWA clans for more than 3 days.
• You MUST have all FWA COMPLIANT bases before FWA sync! NO grace periods. NO mercy.
-NOT collude with other clans in any way.

ℹ️To ensure Supercell TOS are NOT violated, The FWA Administrator Team highly recommends that you be consistent! Either ALL War bases OR ALL FWA bases for all matches regardless of whether your opponent is FWA or not.


Please note:
• With the exception of 40 and 50 player line ups, any amount of players taken into the line up for CWL is fine. This is because it messes with our trackers. This does not mean you cannot do large-sized CWLs. You can take 49,48,47,46,45,44,43,42,41,39 etc people into CWL.


Did I match?

Use the !match command in searching room to find out if you have matched a FWA clan

Please ensure that you are only in ONE of the Searching Rooms as they will all be doing the same thing and there is absolutely NO need to be in all of them unless you are an Admin or OFH..

It is much easier to use the commands to make a chat, compared to manual chat making. You will not miss any reps that are OFHs or Admins.

But in case the bot is down, here is how you make a chat.

Single Reps

Dual Reps

Please view the 3 possible results of using that command.

Successful Match



I am restricted from a chatroom. What do I do?

You use the commands above in any of the searching or chitchats rooms to add you back to it.

Successful Match:

A room has been made for you automatically and that means…...

Congrats, you matched a FWA clan!

Details on how we determine the win are written in a different section below.

You MUST Start or respond to a private chat, on Band, with your FWA Opponent within the first 12 hours of the preparation day, and follow the rules below.

Rules of etiquette for war DM chat

1.) Start a chat with your opponent including all reps from their clan and from your clan. Remember there is no tone in text

2.) Send a general greeting and confirm who has the win.

Remember there is no tone in text

3.) Offer to allow your opponent to visit your clan to scout bases. ➡THIS IS A REQUIREMENT⬅ Please make sure your clan is not closed and cups are set to a reasonable level!

Please have common courtesy and make your visit quick. Please don't stay well over an hour looking at bases.

Remember there is no tone in text

4.) If your opponent scouts your bases and finds base issues do not argue or take offence. Make your best effort to fix them. If you want to dispute the base, contact a Conflict Admin.

Remember there is no tone in text

5.) If the identified base issues are not resolved contact the Conflict Admin Team to help, following the process set in place. You can contact the Conflict Admin Team via War Conflict chat or use- !addme warconflict auto bot in FWA Leaders chat/chitchat

Remember there is no tone in text

6.) It is a requirement to respond to your opponent! No response to your war opponent will result in admin involvement and potential sanctions. Details below.

👉Please be respectful to everyone, we are an international alliance, your opponent may be from a different timezone so have some patience. Remember different cultures and backgrounds create different perceptions of text...

🔵If a DM with opponent goes 24 hours without any response, the unresponsive clan's reps will be removed from sync band until they reply.

That’s it.


Sorry you mismatched. You now have two choices. Attempt a deal or fight with them.

a. Reach out to the opponent clan.

There are many ways to do this:

  • type message on clan wall 📝(please use the command !mismatch (insert language here) to find the appropriate texts in different languages)
    • Please refer to the !mismatch command for the available languages.
  • go visit clan 🤗
  • send a friend request to leaders and invite to your clan. 👋

If they respond and you have a deal 🤝 congratulations! 🎉

🌟If you made a deal you MUST honor it!!🌟

b) IF you were unable to make a deal you may now switch your bases to war 🔫 ⚔️⛏🛠⚔️

If you are found with multiple war bases during next prep day, the conflict team will have no forgiveness for you 🚫😒🚫

Your clan needs to do steps to make a deal. 📈

We only go to war if a deal isn't made.

**There is an exception to clans with the location of Saint Martin/Cape Verde/Benin/Guyana/Ascension Island/Vatican City, there might be a chance that they are a farming clan that belongs in another league. Please contact admins asap.**(https://band.us/band/57374271/post/1390)

Why did I mismatch?

There are multiple reasons to cause a mismatch. Here are a checklist for you to go through.

  1. Did you start at the right time?

  2. Did you forget to stop searching when search window closed?

  3. Are you syncing with a proper composition to match FWA clans?

  4. Sometimes, it is just a coincidence that someone is searching during the same time as us with a similar composition.


You have just been added to War Room.


You have matched a blacklisted clan 😡🤬😡


They hunt us thinking they will get easy wins.....


Now…. Let’s step up our game. And fight back

We have a band that has all their war bases and attack advice and loads of support and we even have cheerleaders.  🎊🎉

The more the merrier.  Please share the link THAT WILL BE PROVIDED BY THE ADMNS OR STAFF with your clan mates.  We would love to have them in Camp with you!

Please Do Not Attempt to Negotiate with the Blacklist Clan ❌, they will 𝐥𝐢𝐞 😼 and 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐢𝐯𝐞 you 😱😰. If you enter a Blacklist Clan there is a chance that your account will be 🚨BANNED🚨"

*Failure to join war camp will mean your clan will not receive their reversals

Please note! For the sync after this war you will be given a grace period to correct your bases! As long as you communicate with your opponent in a timely and polite way you will not face sanctions!! 💕

😡 We all hate that blacklisted clans steal our sync times to prey on our easy bases and laid back farming style

We are offering reversal tickets as incentive for our clans that go to battle against these blacklisted clans and make an effort to CRUSH 💪 them, details are listed below.



Reversal Tickets

The most updated list of ticket holder is located at tiny.cc/fwaTickets or !rewards command in chitchat

●Reversal tickets allow the user to reverse the outcome of our "share the win" lottery and claim a win on a loss war

●Any clan that changes at least 30 of their FWA bases to war bases and achieves 60% or more attack destruction will be awarded 1 Reversal ticket.

●If the clan wins the war🎉

They will be rewarded with 1 reversal ticket. But if your clan was able to change at least 30 bases and completed war with at least 60% total destruction plus won the war; your clan earns 2 reversal tickets!


●In order to use this additional ticket:

1. You must speak with an ADMN within the first 10 hours of matching

2. Your opponent cannot have 5 or more losses on their most recent war log

3. Your ticket will expire after 7 syncs. **

You have 7 Syncs to use your ticket.

🚫Mismatches don't count,

🚫Blacklist Matches Don't Count,

🚫Matches that your opponent clan has 5 or more losses don't count, and

🚫Matches where your opponent also has a ticket don't count.

🚨In order for your reward to be extended you MUST tell us each Sync.🚨

📍Extensions MUST be Confirmed by Admn and MUST Tag YOUR Clan Directly! 📍

⚠️If your clan misses a sync, the ticket will NOT be extended. ⚠️

If you are using a ticket, you must Have ADMN confirm with other Clan in War Chat.

Extensions regarding mismatches and blacklist matches should be confirmed in support room.

Extensions regarding matching other ticket holders or clans with more than 5 losses should be in the match chat itself.

●The winner's reward will be posted with the !rewards in chitchat 😊

●Remember you are not alone. We have ADMNs, OFHs and other fighting clans here to offer their support so let's have some fun while we take them down 👊

*Clans with close to 60% destruction that have displayed a significant effort(as determined by Admins), will be rounded to 60%.

**Admn discretion applies

Grace Period:

(refer to https://band.us/band/57374271/post/570)

This grace period does NOT apply to normal mismatches. Blacklist clans are classified with the association BL FWA or BL CL on chocolate clash.

You have 1 Sync after matching Blacklist clan to correct your bases, you must communicate with your opponent about base change progress/issues or any grace period will be voided.

Also remember that Tickets do NOT reverse sanctions. Extensions will NOT be given to losses given by sanctions either.

Win Determination:

FWA Lotto System 💖💎SHARE THE WIN💎💖

The lotto system that FWA uses is based on Clan War Logs and Clan Tags. -Please ensure that your Clan’s War Log is on Public setting at all times.

When you match you need to compare your War Log against the War Log of your FWA Opponent.

  • The clan with the most losses out of the last 7x records will be the winner. (They must all be 40v40 or 50v50 wars)


If both clans have the same amount of losses, or not enough 40v40/50v50 wars, clan tags must then be compared. The High/Low Sync decider will be used to determine who the winner of the war will be by using both the clan tags.This is based on the alphanumeric sequence 0<9<A<Z and whether the lotto is high or low. There is no letter ‘O’ only the number Zero ‘0’. If the characters are the same, causing a tie, then the comparison moves to the next character to the right until a winner is determined.

The lotto being high or low and which corresponding character will be announced in FWA Sync Band within each event invitation. Easy to remember:

  • If the lotto is low, the character closest to Zero ‘0’ wins.

  • If it’s high, the character closest to ‘Z’ wins.

FWA Lottery Key: http://tiny.cc/fwalotto

FWA Lotto 123.jpg

Yes, the most losses wins.

✅Yes, that means we are counting mismatches.

🚫No, ties/draws do not count as losses.

🚫No, it doesnt matter who has the bigger streak or the most recent losses.

✅Yes,  40v40 or 50v50 ALL wars count ...bf ~ before FWA ...they count

🚫No, friendly wars do not count as a win or a loss, they should not be reflected in the war logs as we turn off the FC option

✅Yes, if your clan is subjected to Sanctions you still lose. Unless facing a Zero-Win Clan.

🚫No, Zero-win clans do not have to start winning wars. You can always give that win away.

✅ Yes, you use the default 1st Character High/Low if your clan or the opponent clan has fewer than 7x 40v40 or 50v50 wars in the last 10 wars

Clans must follow the Share The Win System in all matches* unless it is mutually agreed upon by both clans. Any clan found using manipulation, lying, bullying or low starring to avoid wins due to an upcoming Clash Of Clans XP/ Loot Event will be subject to a 1 Loss Sanction DURING the XP/ Loot Event.

You may try to negotiate a deal with your opponents.  If they do not accept it, Share the Win System must be used.

*Does not apply to 0 win clans

(refer to https://band.us/band/57374271/post/575)

War Weights

You will need to use the War Weights Form and log in your clan’s war weight. This needs to be done at least once every 4 weeks or your clan will be added to the Yellow Zone by an FWA Admin. You will then have a period of up to 2 weeks in the Yellow Zone to submit your weight before you enter the Red Zone. If your clan reaches the Red Zone then you MUST submit your weight before the next war sync or you will forfeit any potential win in the following war. Your clan will continue to forfeit all war wins until you have submitted your clans war weights, once they have been submitted you will be removed from the Red Zone.

You can find confirmation your submission was received here:


You can view weight statistics on FWA clans here:


You can view alternate weight input methods here:

You will be added to the “Yellow Weight Zone” or “Red Weight Zone” chat rooms in band when your clan reaches that zone.

The war weights are used to help guide FWA member clans to stay within the prime matching weight point. We keep records of the weights of all FWA clans, they can be found on Weight Document section in the table below.

Where do I submit weight?



Google Sheet weight calculator + submission + war lineup


Pre-filled Google Form weight entry


Google Sheet weight entry



Full clan tracker for weight + submission + war lineup



Google Sheet weight calculator + submission + war lineup


Pre-filled Google Form weight entry


Google Sheet weight entry

Short Cut Links to Weight Documents



40 Player Weight Document



50 Player Weight Document

How do I calculate war weight? (follow steps for each base)

There are two ways to calculate war weight:

Method 1:

Method 2:

During battle day (Easiest) OR from war log

Via a shared friendy battle (Good for new players)

Step 1:

Count the number of storages the base has. Remember the Town Hall also counts!

Step 2:

See how much GOLD is in one storage. Multiply by the number of storages.

Step 3:

Be Sure the weight ends in "000." 🚨 If it does not, you are calculating it wrong!!! 🚨

What are the maximum weights for each town hall?



Remember the minimum weight to participate in an FWA war is 42,000









How often should I submit my war weight?

You should submit every few weeks. After 4 weeks of not submitting we will remind you. If you exceed 6 weeks, you will be required to lose every war until ADMN or OFH confirm your weight has been submitted.

Question not answered?

Ask ADMN and OFH in the Yellow or Red room. Weight still green? Contact the helpdesk

If you are still unsure of how to calculate your clans war weight please contact the OFH and Admin Team who will teach you or another member of you clan how to do it. Contact them via your Clan/Admin Band chat or by joining Help Desk chat in FWA Leaders Band.

How to calculate your clan weight: http://band.us/#!/band/57374271/post/146 or youtu.be/op6wzCytxio

However, the link above is slightly outdated, so please refer to help desk for latest info.

War Weight Checks:

Has your clan had trouble matching lately? Is your clan matching well and you would like someone to make sure your clan is healthy?

Signup at
https://band.us/band/57374271/post/635 for a war weight check!

** This is only for clans that have submitted war weight in the last TWO weeks **

Base Design:

Revise the latest base rules with examples and images in http://tiny.cc/FWABaseGuide (Last Updated April 2019) .


The following links also contain sample FWA bases that can be used as a model:  

Town Hall 12:http://tiny.cc/fwabase12

Town Hall 11: http://tiny.cc/fwabase11

Town Hall 10: http://tiny.cc/fwabase10

Town Hall 9: http://tiny.cc/fwabase9

Town Hall 8: http://tiny.cc/fwabase8

Here is the Town Hall 12 and 11 base for your convenience. The townhall 12 base is exclusive to itself, while the townhall 11 base lays out the general requirement for all other townhall levels.

This does not mean BRICK BY BRICK. If the base follows the above requirements then it is an FWA approved base. Please see the below Sanctions section for more information on non compliant bases.


The most updated sanctions list is located at http://tiny.cc/sanctions or !sanctions in chitchat.

Reporting Offending Bases and Disputes

Unfortunately, there will always be people or clans breaking the rules. The FWA Admins recognize that the highest penalty each clan’s leadership can impose on a player is to hard kick them from the clan. If a clan has a problem player and have therefore kicked that player, (so that they will not be returning to the clan) this can then resolve the sanctions but if they are soft kicked and return or not kicked thus meaning the owner of the offending base participates in the war, then the penalties will still count.

  • A war base counts as 3 offending points. Subject to admin discretion, any base that makes an attempt at segregating buildings into 3 sections with no buildings enclosed by walls is not considered a war base.
  • Every base that fails one or more of the rules in the Base Format section will count as 1 offending point.
  • A base that has troops in the clan castle whilst it is placed in the Town Hall section will give +1 point to that base.
  • No TH7’s allowed, the minimum town hall is TH8.
  • A maximum of 4 x TH8’s are allowed in a sync for all FWA clans, any extra TH8’s are counted as 3 offending points for each one included.
  • Any base with a war weight below 42,000 is not allowed to sync. Each base with a war weight less than 42k or lower than a TH8 is 3 points.


Clans are responsible for reporting opponent offenses to the opponent before 12 hours of preparation day have elapsed, and to the admins at the start of battle day if the offenses have not been fixed. Also reporting any occurrences of troops in cc’s. Offending bases should be reported to admin within the first twelve hours of battle day.

Clans are responsible for reporting opponent offenses to the conflicts team before the end of the battle day.

If a clan chooses to visit their opponent clan on preparation day, they should inform their opponent of any issues during preparation day in the war chatroom.

The opponent should let the clan know as they fix the base issues.

Clan should report these base issues to the conflicts team if the opponent is uncooperative and/or does not fix the base issues before battle day.

Clan Check Up Service:

Confused about a few of the base guidelines❓ 
Not sure if all of your bases are correct ❓
Just want someone to double check your bases❓
Then we have some good news for YOU!
The conflicts team is now offering a new ➡️Clan Check Up service ⬅️.  The service will provide clans the opportunity to have their bases checked by one of the conflicts team ONCE a week. 
During the check up, if your clan has base errors, there will be 👉NO consequences👈; it is purely educational. This provides clans with the opportunity to learn and understand more about the base guidelines and to have a fresh set of eyes look over their bases. 
If your clan would like to make use of this service, please join the 💎War Conflicts Lobby💎in leaders band and type !auditme or !auditme #clantag for dual reps. Your request will be completed as soon as a member of staff is available 😇 
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