Senior Computer Users Group

We are proud to be sponsored by Fox Valley Technical College

The Senior Computer Users Group is a non-profit group of 50-years-old and older adults, retirees and community members interested in learning more about computers.

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Calendar of Events

All Senior Computer Users Group Meetings are Free


All Meetings are at the Bordini Center.

Digital Imaging Monday, June 12, 1:15, Bordini Center, Room BC180.

Genealogy – Monday, June 12, 2:30, Bordini Center, Room BC180.

General Meeting Friday, June 16, 1:15, Bordini Center, Room BC112B.

Resource Sharing – Monday, June 19, 1:15, Bordini Center, Room BC180.

Internet – Monday, June 19, 2:30, Bordini Center, Room BC180.

Steering Committee – Wednesday, June 28, 1:15, Bordini Center, Room BC186.


Digital Imaging – Monday, July 10, 1:15, Bordini Center, Room BC180.

Genealogy – Monday, July 10, 2:30, Bordini Center, Room BC180.

 Resource Sharing – Monday, July 17, 1:15, Bordini Center, Room BC180.

Internet – Monday, July 17, 2:30, Bordini Center, Room BC180.

General Meeting Friday, July 21, 1:15, Bordini Center, Room BC112B.

Steering Committee – Wednesday, July 26, 1:15, Bordini Center, Room BC186.

General Meeting

The General Meeting will be Friday, June 16, 1:15, at the Bordini Center, Room BC112B, Appleton, Wisconsin.

As always this program should be an interesting
one so try to make it a point to attend.

So mark your calendar for Friday, June 16 1:15, for a knowledgeable and entertaining afternoon.  Be sure to bring a friend or at the meeting make a friend.  Hope to see you there.

All persons 50 and older with an interest 
in computers are invited to attend.

Make a date with a friend or friends to attend these programs or come alone and make a new friend. The programs are FREE and by attending you can show your support for the Senior Computer Users Group.

For More Information:

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/fvtcseniorcomputerusersgroup/home
Email: fvtcseniorcomputerusersgroup2@gmail.com
Phone: 1-800-735-3882, ext.2429 or 920-735-2429


Our Recording Secretary has resigned and there is a need for a member to step forward and fill this position. Pay is the same for the Newsletter Editor.

We are in need of a Newsletter Editor. This presents an opportunity for a member to step forward and assume the duty of the newsletter editor. If you have an interest in Journalism, the time, and a desire to create this opportunity is for you. The pay is not much, matter of fact, there is no pay. Think it over folks, we’re not getting any younger and the group is looking for your help. For the present C. John Klemm is assuming the Newsletter duties.

If you know of someone new to computers, point them in our direction for any assistance they may need or even persons who are experienced may share their knowledge. The Senior Computer Users Group is a very informal group and its membership is FREE. So come on down, pull up a chair, introduce yourself to the person next to you, and Enjoy. The Senior Computer Users Group needs your support and values your participation.

Group Meetings

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Computers for Seniors

Computers for Seniors provide individuals age 50 and older with computer instruction 

and access to a community of computer-using seniors. 

The Fox Valley Technical College provides instructional Classes related to computers for all seniors.

For more information, call 1-800-735-3882, ext.2429 or 920-735-2429