Dr. Frédérique de Vignemont

Born in 12 February 1976, in France 


2014        Habilitation (HDR). Ecole Normale Supérieure. Thesis: Mind the body. 

2002    PhD of Philosophy. Institut Jean-Nicod (Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales). Supervised by Pierre Jacob . With honours. Thesis: Who’s who? Self, sense of agency, sense of ownership

1998        Master of Cognitive Science. CREA (Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales). Supervised by Pierre Jacob. With honours. Thesis: The challenge of blindsight for theories of consciousness

Academic experience and research

Spring 2017    Visiting research fellow at the Italian Academy, Columbia University, New York

Since 2016    CNRS Research Director, Jean Nicod Institute (Paris)

Spring 2013     Visiting Professor, Graduate Center, Department of Philosophy, CUNY, New York

Since 2011       CNRS Researcher at the Jean Nicod Institute (Paris)

2009-2011        CNRS Researcher at Transitions, CNRS-NYU (New York)

Since 2007      CNRS Researcher at the Jean-Nicod Institute (Paris)

2005-2007        CNRS Researcher at the Institute of Cognitive Science (Lyon)

2003-2005       Post-doc at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (UCL, London), with  Patrick Haggard.

2002-2003        Post-doc fellow at the department of philosophy (New York University), with Ned Block.

2001-2002        Research Assistant for Alvin Goldman

                       Acting instructor (ATER) in philosophy of science and ethics (University Lyon I)

1999-2001     Visiting fellow at the Institute of Cognitive Science (Lyon), supervised by Pr. Marc Jeannerod.

                        Fall 2000             Acting instructor in philosophy of mind (University Lyon III)

Spring 2000        Visiting scholar at the department of philosophy (University of Arizona) supervised by  Alvin Goldman.


Fellowships and Grants

2017    Neuroscience and philosophy fellowship, Italian Academy, Columbia University

2016-2020    ANR Research grant on the sense of joint agency (PI: Elisabeth Pacherie)

2016-2020    ANR Research grant on tool use (PI: Alessandro Farnè)

2015     Young Mind&Brain Prize

2013-2015 Research grant from the Templeton Foundation on “The value of suffering” (PIs:D. Bain & M. Brady) 

2012-2013 Research grant from the Templeton Foundation on “The Nature of Pain: Hedonic Tone, Motivation, and Non-Human Animals” (PIs: David Bain and Michael Brady) 

2012-2015 ANR Research grant on Spatial representations (PI: Malika Auvray)

2009-2012 ANR Research grant on empathy and social cognition (PI: Emmanuel Dupoux)

2007-2010 ANR Research grant on the feeling of knowing and delusions (PI: Elisabeth Pacherie)

2006-2009 ANR Research grant on body representation (PI: Frédérique de Vignemont)

2005-2007 British Academy Grant on tactile perception (PIs: Patrick Haggard and Frédérique de Vignemont) 

2003-2005 Marie Curie Fellowship 

2002-2003 Fulbright Fellowship

1998-2001 Fellowship of the French Ministry of Research (MENRT)

Meeting organization

Oct 2016 International workshop Bodily sensations and bodily awareness, Paris

May 2016 Jean Nicod lectures – Patrick Haggard (UCL)

Dec 2015 International workshop The body and the self, revisited, Copenhagen

July 2015 Scientific committee of the ASSC conference in Paris

June 2015 Jean Nicod lectures – David Chalmers (NYU)

Workshop Space and functionalism

Sept 2014 Invited symposium ‘Bodily awareness’ ESPP, Noto, Sicily

Nov 2014 Jean Nicod lectures – Chris and Uta Frith (UCL)

May 2014 Jean Nicod Lectures – Ned Block 

                Workshop on Ned Block’s theory of consciousness

Apr 2014 Workshop Pain and suffering, in collaboration with D. Bain, M. Brady, and D. Andler 

Dec 2012 Conference in honor of Dan Sperber, in collaboration with Pierre Jacob and François Recanati

Oct 2012 Workshop ESF Pain and affective touch, in collaboration with Patrick Haggard and India Morrison

July 2012 Scientific committee of the Association for scientific study of consciousness conference in Sussex, June 2012

Fall 2010 Series of three one-day workshops, NYU

(i) Challenges for immunity to error through misidentification?

(ii) Perception and multimodality

(iii) The extended mind 

Oct 2009 Workshop Perception, Action, and the Self, in collaboration with Ned Block and Pierre Jacob, department of philosophy, NYU

May 2009 European summer school (CNRS-COST) Self and Others in Cargese (Corsica, France).

April 2008 Workshop The Rubber hand illusion, Institut Jean-Nicod

June 2007 European summer school (CNRS-COST) Consciousness and Action in Cargese (Corsica, France), in collaboration with Jean-Michel Roy.

Mars 2007 Workshop Social Cognition, Institut Jean-Nicod and LSCP, Paris

Oct 2006 Workshop Body representation and multimodal interaction, University Paris V

July 2004 Symposium The sense of touch, with Patrick Haggard, Mike Martin and Angelo Maravita at the European Society of Philosophy and Psychology, Barcelona

May 2004 Graduate students conference, Ecole Normale Superieure, Lyon

July 2002 Meeting of the European Society of Philosophy and Psychology (ESPP), Institute of Cognitive Science, Lyon

2001-2002 Seminar Intentionality and consciousness, Ecole Normale Superieure, Lyon


Association and committee memberships 

Since 2013 Executive member of the Jean Nicod Prize

2010-2016         ASSC executive committee member (Association for Scientific Study of Consciousness) 

Since 2012 Executive editor of the Review of Philosophy and Psychology

2010 SSHRC grant program committee member (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

2007-2011 French representative for the European COST action Consciousness


For journals: Mind, Mind and Language, Philosophical Quarterly, Nous, Cognition, Consciousness and Cognition, Philosophical Psychology, Philosophiques, Review of Philosophy and Psychology, Philosophy and Phenomenological research

For funding: Fulbright foundation, European Science foundation, ANR